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These Jeans Repel Liquids And I Just Spent All My Money

Why aren't all jeans like this?

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If you didn't believe in magic before, you definitely will now:

Christina Lan / Buzzfeed

What are these insane pants? They're jeans from Old Navy.

They're designed to repel liquids, so anything you spill will roll right off.

Christina Lan / Buzzfeed

Coffee! Wine! Coke! Drink freely; drink happily.

Likewise, your legs will stay dry, even in a downpour.

Christina Lan / Buzzfeed

They also feel like normal jeans: same material, same texture.

Christina Lan / Buzzfeed

According to the site, they're made of 59% Cotton, 39% Polyester, 2% Lycra. So yeah, they're not at all waxy or stiff.

You can get them at Old Navy for $45.

And even though they're white, stains on the inside won't soak through!

Christina Lan / Buzzfeed

*GASP.* Never again reject white pants while on your period.

BRB, going to buy 20 pairs.

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