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26 Pieces Of Jewelry You'll Want To Share With Your Best Friend

The cheese to your mac, the PB to your jam.

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1. These galaxy necklaces for friendships that last an eternity.,

Pinky promise.

Get them from A Chic Fairytale on Etsy for $32.

2. These obnoxiously cute peanut butter and jelly necklaces.

You guys are the perfect combination of salty and sweet.

Get them from Pitter Patter Polymer on Etsy for $24.

3. These hammered gold necklaces that say "soul friend" in Celtic.

Get them from Shop Rebecca Tollefsen on Etsy for $72.

4. These avocado necklaces for those who love guacamole just as much as they love each other.

Question is, who carries the baby?

Get them from Fwirl on Etsy for $15.50.

5. These rock-paper-scissors necklaces for the trio who can never decide on what to do.

But don't always land on whatever charm's on your necklace.

Get them from Doodie Bear on Etsy for $30.

6. These tiny heart rings that complete each other.

Because best friends are also lovers.

Get them from Anilani on Etsy for $124.

7. These necklaces for best friends who fucking love to swear.

If it were up to me, I'd have it say "Best Fucking Bitches Shit Together."

Get them from Quan Jewelry on Etsy for $9.

8. These loving Oreo halves that join at the heart.

At least you both share the filling.

Get them from Maria Ellen Creations for $13.

9. These ghost necklaces for the kick-ass ghostbusting pair.

Get them from Two Daughters on Etsy for $29.

10. These dazed owls that form a heart when smushed together.

Just awkward owls in a hoot.

Get them from Krinna Handmade on Etsy for $44.

11. These bracelets that capture the never-ending adventures between you and your best friend.

Now you just have to decide who's Woody and who's Buzz.

Get them from Wyoming Creative on Etsy for $30.

12. This triple threat of macaroni, cheese, and Kraft magic.

Honestly, there's nothing cheesy about having two best friends.

Get them from Pitter Patter Polymer on Etsy for $24.

13. These delicate heart necklaces that discreetly spell out "love."

For friends who are always OK with being vulnerable around each other.

Get them from AiByHilaBinyamin on Etsy for $47.

14. These nerdy necklaces for chummy nerds.

Get them from Juniper Tulip Jewelry on Etsy for $11.

15. These blue and pink rainbow narwhal pals.

For magical, singular weirdos.

Get them from CBexpress on Etsy for $24.

16. This bracelet with the sweetest saying that's incredibly true for an only child.

Get it here from Thought Blossoms for $80.

17. This witchy take on BFF necklaces for friends who are always stirring up trouble.

For the friends who find it hard to spell without each other.

Get them from The Bijoux Parlour for $21.

18. These silver bangles with best-friend puzzle pieces.

Get them from Amazon for $30.

19. These pizza necklaces for a group of six BFFs.

Together, you guys make something that understands love better than anyone else.

Get them from MGreenhalghDesigns on Etsy for $9.

20. These dainty pineapple necklaces with best-friend initials.

You can't have an apple without pining for one first.

Get them from Short and Bald Jewelry on Etsy for $36.

21. These three wise monkey necklaces with personalized initials.

For the trio where everything goes to shit if someone's not there.

Get them from Kool Stuff 2 for $30.

22. These nasty but totally adorable bodily functions.

You can't go #2 without having first gone #1!

Get them from Maria Ellen Creations on Etsy for $12.

23. These vintage pendants that are fit for any present-day Sherlocks and Watsons.

Get them from The Bijoux Parlour for $22.

24. These customizable bracelets that serve as a reminder of the distance between you and your LD best friend.

You can choose which states or countries you want shown on the bracelets.

Get them from yhtanaff on Etsy for $48.

25. These necklaces that form the Batman signal when connected.

Sometimes, it's too hard to fight for justice alone.

Get them from Shining Grey Moments on Etsy for $40.

26. These s'mores necklaces that exemplify the friends who are always stuck together.

But no fire's going to melt away your friendship.

Get them from PItter Patter Polymer on Etsy for $25.

All you need is each other and no one else. 💖

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