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31 Miniature Products You Can Actually Use

It's time to downsize, folks.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. This teensy skillet that has just enough room for one egg.

Get it from Amazon for $17.

2. This cute little oil-diffusing humidifier that'll help you relax anywhere you go.

Get it from Amazon for $19.

3. This mini fridge that only has room to cool your drink.

4. These tiny floats that'll hold your drinks while you're chilling on the beach.

5. These teeny playing cards that'll never leave you bored again.

Get them from Amazon for $7.

6. This miniature journal that lets you write in tiny love confessions.

Get it from MaBelleEpoque on Etsy for $30.

7. This mini crayon and paint set that'll keep you crafty wherever you go.

8. This wee stew pot that holds 1.75 ounces.

Look at it on the cutting board! It's devilishly small! STAHHP.

Get it from Amazon for $63.

9. This pocket projector that has a 120 inch display.

10. This undersized fisheye camera that give you a whole new circular perspective.

Get it from Amazon for $31.

11. This travel electric kettle that's the size of your hand.

Get it from Amazon for $34.

12. This itty-bitty harmonica that actually makes music.

Get it from I Can Make That Now on Etsy for $2.50.

13. These miniature fruit cutters that are perfect for making pie crusts.

Get them from Amazon for $12.

14. This small-scale cookware set that'll actually cook your food.

15. Or this mini crock pot that'll heat up your food to the perfect temperature.

Get it from Amazon for $22.

16. These minikin canvases and easels that anyone can make art on.

Get them from Amazon for $24.

17. These mason jar shot glasses that make vodka shots worth it.

Get them from Amazon for $14.

18. This waterproof bluetooth speaker that can fit in your back pocket.

You'll be the best friend to all the your friends.

Get it from Amazon for $21.

19. This minuscule fan that's powered by both batteries and USB.

20. These mini springform pans that'll make bite-sized delights for days.

Get them from Amazon for $8.

21. This compact chess board that makes any person with small hands an automatic champ.

Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

22. This sleeping cow vacuum that'll eat up those pesky crumbs.

23. These itsy-bitsy suitcases that you'll need when your snail goes traveling.

24. This mini blow dryer that has a collapsible handle.

Get it from Amazon for $13.50.

25. This portable oven that's smaller than a cutting board.

Get it from Amazon for $40.

26. This petite rolling pin that's surprisingly easy to use.

27. This pint-sized steam iron that ensure you'll be well-groomed when traveling.

Get it from Amazon for $30.

28. This baby-sized carabiner that's still functional.

29. This cast iron melting pot that can only make dips for one.

Get it from Amazon for $12.

30. These wood pallet drink coasters that'll give your kitchen a rustic touch.

Put a few together to hold larger items like pans, teapots, and pots.

Get them from Amazon for $13.

31. This minuscule wine set that would turn any date into a marriage.

Alright, so you can't ACTUALLY drink much out of these but they're so cute there's no way you'd say no to a glass.

Get it from kivaford on Etsy for $275.

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