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23 Things You Should Be Buying From The Men's Section

Cheaper digs than things found in the women's section.

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1. This grey ceramic watch that's semi–water-resistant.

To top off your minimalist vibes.

Promising review: "Stunning watch. Very unique. I fall in love with the design more and more each day. I wish the face was 42mm, but other than that it's amazing. The quality of the build and ceramic is excellent. So far, the band and face have held up to daily wear without a single scratch. Amazing." —

N. Malkiewicz

Price: $173

3. This styling gel that’ll give your hair a natural lift.

You won’t beleaf in the power of tea trees.

Promising review: “As you can see from all the other reviews, this stuff is the bomb. Just use a little bit on your hair mixed with a little water and watch your hair turn into exactly what you want it to be." —Alex

Price: $15


4. This nylon duffel bag that you can pack in a bottle.

5. These black jogger pants with front and back pockets.

Sweats that kill it in the gym and on the streets.

Promising review: "Fit right, feels right, can't complain." —Amazon Customer

Price: $17-50

6. This bamboo watch that has a leather strap.

It's so lightweight you might forget it's there.

Promising review: "Very different and unique. Get compliments on it all the time: 'Is that a wooden watch?' Great topic of discussion." —ramon848

Price: $34

7. This 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottle.

The ultimate time-saver.

Promising review: "I'm a girl with long hair and have always used fancy shampoo and conditioner until I tried this at a guy friend's house. I expected my hair to come out a tangled mess, but it actually felt softer and smoother than when I use my own fancy products! I made the switch because it's easier, saves time, and makes my hair feel wonderful." —Victoria J. Connell

Price: $15.80 for 34 ounces


8. This six-pack of invisible blue deodorant.

Promising review: "I've used other products before (particularly speedstick) but I've 100% switched to this and there's no going back. Note, you should almost be putting this on before a bath (not after). Just a pro tip." —Chris Awad

Price: $16

Note: I actually use this deodorant because for some reason women's deodorant is at least 1.5 times more expensive and it also works really well.

10. This super slim leather wallet.

TBH, bulky wallets suck.

Promising review: "A great quality, slim, minimal, and fully functional billfold wallet that fits nicely in a front pocket. Many wallets marketed as 'slim' or 'front pocket' were not quite big enough to fit a variety of non-American currency. This, however, seems to do so nicely while keeping the size to a minimum. I'm very happy with it so far!" —Doug

Price: $16

11. This six pack of ventilated and low-cut socks.

Promising review: "Great moisture wicking sock: fits super well. I plan on ordering some more." —Harrison K.

Price: $14 (compare that to the women's $18 equivalent)


12. These green-carbonic sunglasses that don't cost a million bucks.

13. This facial scrub with volcanic ash, Japanese bean powder and rice bran.

"I need to be badass today." *Smears volcanic ash on cheeks.*

Promising review: "This is by far my favorite scrub. It's not too harsh, but does a great job at taking all the dead skin off my face. The smell is good and not overpowering like other facial scrubs. It leaves my skin extremely smooth with no oils or residue afterwards." —Thatjonguy

Price: $18

14. This white Nike perforated cap.

Get your non-sweaty summer dream.

Promising review: "The best hat I own. Most hats make my head sweat, but the vented holes keep my head cooler than other hats. I now have 3 of these hats and love the style and functionality. Black is my favorite, but white is good for sunny days." —Kelly

Price: $13-25


19. This lightweight backpack that's great for a range of activities, from school to hiking.

Promising review: "The bag exceeded my expectations. I thought it would be a small carry on bag, but it is large enough for me to use to carry clothes along with books and other things. Perfect bag that I will use for camp this year." —Amazon Customer

Price: $35


20. This 3-in-1 fragrance-free lotion for body, face, and after-shave.

Promising review: "Great lotion: non-greasy, light and quick absorbing. Does a great job of moisturizing the skin. I really like that it can be applied to the face, body, and be used after shaving. It soothes the skin nicely. Highly recommend." —Nick91605

Price: $10

21. This sporty black resin watch that's hella affordable.

Water resistant up to 330 ft, so it's OK for swimming and snorkeling, but not scuba diving.

Promising review: "I use this as my 'wet' watch when I am in environments where I can't wear my Apple Watch. I have taken the watch to more than 100 feet under water when scuba diving with no problems." —Tim Cambron

Price: $16.30

23. This groovy striped tee with side zippers.

Side zippers on a t-shirt?!? Stahhhhhp.

Promising review: "If you have a belly, like me order a size up. I love this. So fashion." —Kevin Hernandez

Price: $15-20

The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity