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32 Kitchen Tools That Are Faster Than Ordering Food

Now you don't have any excuses.

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

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We asked members of the Buzzfeed Community to tell us the kitchen tools that save them the most time. Here are their smart and tasty results:

1. An Instant Pot, a 7-in-1 pressure cooker that cooks rice, sautés, makes yogurt, steams, and more.,

"I bought an Instant Pot on Prime Day and if I'd realized how much it would revolutionize my cooking, I'd have paid full price long ago. It's great for making quick weeknight dinners, batch-cooking staples on weekends, and it doesn't heat up the whole house in the summer. It's worth full retail price, but it goes on sale frequently." —Patti Nichols

Get it here for $120.

2. An electric griddle that lets you cook without breaking a sweat.,

"It cooks fast, cleans up fast, and doesn't heat up my kitchen too much in the summer. It's wonderful!" —Megan M.

Get it here for $35.

3. Anything made by Lékué (equipment that lets you survive off of a microwave).,,,

"I have the rice cooker, pasta cooker, and a deep steam case. I can fix pasta in the same amount of time it takes to boil water on the stove. It is perfect for summer. All I need is a microwave and I have hot fresh meals without having to heat up the house. —cimby729pdx

"They sell wonderful stuff. I bought the burger press and the multi-use baking thing for making bread. It’s a life changer!" —Cl4ir3"

See their entire selection here.

4. This swiss pull chop that cuts up your food quickly and easily.

"Great chopper. It's quick at making fresh soup and salsa—handles the tomatoes, onions, and cilantro so well. And it's fun to joke about trying to start it since you pull the string like a lawn mower." —Denise L

Get it here for $20.

5. This rapid egg cooker that can boil, scramble, and poach your eggs.

"Way less time (and water!) to make hard boiled eggs. It's so easy my kid can use it." —trinedaely2

Get it here for $25.

6. An air fryer that'll whip up healthier-than-healthyish fries.

"Cuts the cooking time in half or more." —kierstena49f3fee09

Get it here for $180.

7. A Philips pasta maker that sends you fresh noods whenever you're in the mood.,

"I LOVE my Phillips pasta maker. I can make two pounds of pasta in five minutes. How awesome is that?! Fresh pasta whenever I want." —Rachel Beth

Get it here for $240.

8. A large countertop oven that uses convection technology, cooking your food more quickly and evenly.

"I bought a large convection range oven that can bake almost an entire batch of cookies at once. It cooks homemade pizza in four minutes." —Michelle C

Get it here for $100.

9. An apple corer and slicer that cuts your fruit into perfect wedges.

"Those apple slicer/corers that you push your apple through to get eight perfect wedges and a neatly removed core." —Jessica K

Get it here for $8.

10. This sushi maker that can also roll tortillas, rice paper, crepes, and collard leaves.

"Just used the Easy Sushi Maker this weekend. It was very simple to use and mess-free! I couldn't be happier with this purchase. We made a whole plate full of sushi in 15-20 minutes." —Samantha Trapp

Get it here for $27.

11. A salad shooter that shoots ingredients right into your salads, soups, cakes, and anything else you create.,

"I just love my Salad Shooter for grating and slicing." —Deanna A

Get it here for $30.

12. An electric kettle with different heat settings that'll brew you the perfect cup of tea.

"I cook instant noodles in it, soup, boil eggs, corn, etc. I once fried chicken nuggets on it (because I was lazy) and surprisingly it can fry as well. Plus it saves time because it heats up faster AND it saves electricity: after three to five minutes of heating it up, you can unplug it and it'll just keep boiling water for the next 10 minutes." —spiralstarr

Get it here for $80.

13. These microwave potato pouches that'll let you eat soft baked potatoes in four minutes.

"Microwave baked potato pouches hit home for me." — meow2003meow

Get them here for $11.

14. A NuWave oven, which takes 85% less energy and cooks 50% faster than a standard oven.,

"I can cook frozen chicken that tastes perfect every time, pork chops, and bacon-wrapped-hot dogs. The best part is that you set it and forget about it." —monsia

Get it here for $100.

15. A precision cooker that allows sous vide cooking (a water bath cooking method).

"You can get the water bath going and work on the rest of your meal in the meantime with no stress. No doubt it's a work saver. So easy with such perfect results every time. Well worth the price." —Janet Norwood

Get it here for $179.

16. Pizzazz, a rotating oven that cooks and heats up the foods you can't live without.

"This thing can take the place of an oven, no sweat, and it’s super easy to use. I use it for pizza, nuggets, fries, hot pockets, cinnamon rolls, and s'mores! Only costs about $50. Mine has lasted four years so far." —katw46e15b743

Get it here for $43.

17. A good 'ol butter boy that'll finally satisfy all your buttery cravings.

"This is one of the most ingenious kitchen items we own. It's easy to use, easy to load, easy to wash and works perfectly to thoroughly butter the corn without getting your fingers or the stick of butter messy. For the price, it's well worth the small increase to stuff in your fridge." —SRmerc

Get it here for $8.

18. A Kitchen Aid mixer, a classic that'll still be of use to your great-great-great-great grandchildren.

"Kitchen Aid mixer by far! You can do just about anything with it. All the attachments are amazing and I don't have to have separate machines for the things it can do (Ice cream Maker, pasta roller, spiralizer, shredder/slicer)." —Rebecca W.

Get it here for $280.

19. A toaster oven if you're only cooking for one or two people.

"My husband and I spent a little more on a really good toaster oven. I use it daily, and roast a majority of my veggies in it. It cooks food much faster than my actual oven. Definitely a timesaver!" —Rianna G.

Get it here for $270.

20. My Bunn Coffeemaker, a ridiculously rapid coffee brewer.

"It makes really good coffee in three minutes. THREE minutes, y’all. It takes less time than putting on my clothes." — marym4eda90ea1

Get it here for $87.

21. A garlic press that'll quell your cooking woes.

"Chopping garlic is literally the bane of my existence and the garlic press makes it so simple." — hannahr4f7b1bdf8

Get it here for $18.

22. A really good set of stainless steel pots and pans.

"'There’s a reason why you never see chefs using nonstick cookware unless they’re making eggs or pancakes; food cooks quicker and more evenly on stainless steel (as opposed to nonstick), which not only makes it taste better, but also saves you time!" —puggerflies

Get this 11-piece set here for $158. Or get a cheaper one for $48.

23. A microplane grater that zests and grates ingredients to get maximum flavor in your food.

"I also have a microplane grater which is not only great for seating citrus fruit, but also a time saver when you grate garlic instead of chopping it!" —geomod

Get it here for $13.

24. A quesadilla maker that'll let you stuff your quesadillas with so much love and too much cheese.,

"It’s amazing. It has sections for pockets of filling and seals two tortillas together around the edges of the pockets. Put on tortilla down, add filling, put the second tortilla on top and close the lid. Five minutes later, perfect sectioned quesadilla! You can do breakfast, dessert, and anything you can put between two tortillas." — Berryc13

Get it here for $19.

25. A mandolin, the ultimate cutting tool that'll prep everything for you.

"I recently found out that you can mandolin an onion. Huge time saver and I managed to chop it up before my eyes could think about tearing up." —angelam43c66a016

Get it here for $20.

26. A microwave egg poacher that lets you eat eggs for every meal.

"For someone who enjoys eggs as much as I do, and who also enjoys sleeping in as much as I do, it’s a godsend. Lazy morning breakfast is a breakfast sandwich: pop an English muffin in the toaster, an egg in the microwave, and I’m good to go in about a minute and a half. Of course, you can use a bowl to do the same thing, but I find the microwave poacher works a bit better and keeps everything way cleaner." —HapaxLegomenon

Get it here for $9.

27. An immersion blender (essential for anyone who consumes soup all year long).

"It works really well for blending soups right in the pot on the stove. I’ve also used it for dips and my sister in law borrowed it to make baby food." —marissac4b3746deb

Get it here for $27.

28. A breakfast sandwich maker that'll actually make you excited to get up in the mornings.,

"In less than five minutes I have a whole breakfast ready to go! So easy to use and the sandwich always come out perfect. It’s only $40 on Amazon and it makes two sandwiches at a time. Time and money saver." — pamj49e7d9b14

Get it here for $39.

29. A rice cooker that can also sauté, brown, and steam.

"It’s awesome. If I was to make spaghetti sauce, I can brown the meat, add the sauce and let it cook while I boil the noodles. Same for chili, or clam chowder. I use it all the time!" —jerrim4377fdac6

Get it here for $130.

30. Thermomix Vorwerk, a super appliance that has 12 functions, including mixing, weighing, and emulsifying.,

"The Thermomix is THE kitchen gadget. It’s a super blender with a screen that can cook, mix, and steam. It has integrated recipes and lays them out in steps. I never ruined a dish with the Thermomix. Plus, it’s super fast . If you have fruits you can make jam in 20 min." —ghitat

Get it here.

31. Cozi, a family organizer app that syncs up grocery lists, schedules, and recipes for the entire family to use.

"It's totally free and all members of the family can link to one account and schedule different things on their calendar or add things to the shopping list. I mostly use it as a way to keep all the recipes I find online organized in one place so when I'm cooking, I don't have to scroll through my boards on pinterest or clutter up my inbox with links to websites!" —Larissa T

While not technically a kitchen gadget, you still use it on a gadget. Plus, it significantly cuts down indecision and it doesn't let you waste time. Download it for free here.

32. And lastly:

Grassetto / Getty Images

Submitted by mikem42ea8bd91

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