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37 Popular Local Foods That Ship Nationwide

Take that road trip from your couch.

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1. Coffee and coffee syrup from Dave's Coffee, RI

What locals say: "Hands down the best coffee in town. I'm here at least 4 times a week." β€”Adi A.

Prices start at $7. Order here or on Amazon.

2. Ice cream sandwiches from Coolhaus, CA,

What locals say: "DELICIOUSSSSSSS!" β€”Lavi W.

A six pack of sammies is $30. Order here or on Amazon.

3. Cream sodas and seltzers from Boylan, NY

What locals say: "Love Boylan! Great company. Would break up with my girlfriend if it meant I could have a life time supply of their Creme Soda!!" β€”Mathiew W.

Get a dozen for $30. Order here or on Amazon.

4. Kringles and other Danish pastries from O&H Danish Bakery, WI

What locals say: "I wasn't familiar with Kringles but after doing an internet search for bakeries in Racine, I decided that I must try one. Lord have mercy where have these been all my life." β€”Jillian H.

Prices start at $20. Order here or on Amazon.

5. Pickles and pickled veggies from Rick's Picks, NY

What locals say: "The pickles are magic, I eat them at Spuyten Duyvil, I eat them at the Union Square Farmer's Market, and - in the privacy of my home - I can eat an entire jar of Windy City Wasabeans in an hour and still want more." β€”Kelly B.

Prices start at $7. Order here or on Amazon.

6. Five pints of liquid nitrogen ice cream from Smitten Ice Cream, CA,

What locals say: "Best ice cream you'll ever eat!!!!!! Fresh ingredients (yes, you can taste the difference), and it's made with nitrogen, which makes smaller crystals and the ice cream is the smoothest, silkiest, and creamiest. I don't eat ice cream too often, but when I do, I treat myself to this. Forget the other hype spots in town. This is the place." β€”Tiffany S.

Get five pints including a seasonal flavor (for August it's sweet corn with berries) for $95. Order here.

7. Tamales and salsas from Texas Tamale Company, TX

What locals say: "Bought tamales & toppings at Specs. Glad to know where to go for more. Their food is consistently good. Better than average. I've had beef, chicken & spinach tamales, & chile con queso. All recommended. You'll be addicted!" β€”Ann Y.

Prices start at $5. Order here or on Amazon.

8. Duck fat caramels from Olive and Sinclair, TN,

What locals say: "Their duck fat caramels are OMG MELT IN YOUR MOUTH SLAP YO MOMMA good, and all of their chocolates are decadent!" β€”Savannah R.

Prices start at $20. Order here or on Amazon.

9. Spicy mustard from Philippe the Original, CA

What locals say: "Grab that French dip, and don't let it go. Don't share it with your boo, don't share it with your bae. You give it the love and attention it deserves, which is all of it. It is juicy and tender and so delicious, and if you splash it with some o' that will be so happy. Be careful though, that mustard tastes like fresh hot horseradish cut with spicy mustard; it will get the nasal passages flowing." β€”Katie A.

Get their mustard or hot chile peppers for $5. Order here or on Amazon.

10. Cincinnati chili (not your regular kind of chili) from Cincinnati, OH

Yeah, we know. It doesn't look like chili so just chill.

What locals say: "Simply the best!!! Cincinnatians know this is how you do chili. The combo of pasta, juicy sweet and savory chili, and cheese piled up to an elevation so high you need to take a deep breath is how I want to eat all day errrry day." β€”Morgan J.

A 6 pack is $15. Order here on Amazon.

11. BBQ sauce and ribs from Meat Mitch, KS

What locals say: "I have had it with brisket, turkey and chicken fingers. It is great on everything. Just the right amount of kick. It is hard to describe, sweet but spicy." β€”Craig S.

Prices start at $6. Order here or on Amazon.

12. Beer and wine jelly from Potlicker Kitchen, VT,

What locals say: "I just picked up a pot of your Carrot Cake Jam at King Arthur on our VT vacation last week. I'm so sad I only picked up one... It's seriously *the* best jam I've ever had." β€”Bonnie W.

Prices start at $8. Order here or on Amazon.

13. Touvelle, cheddars, and blue cheeses from Rogue Creamery, OR

What locals say: "This place is home to the best cheese. World class bleu cheese. Once you have it you can never have anything different..." β€”Matthew K.

Order here or on Amazon.

14. Beef jerky from Brooklyn Biltong, NY

What locals say: "Brooklyn Biltong is my jam. It's jam-packed with flavor. Each batch I've gotten has been absolutely incredible. The flavors, spices, and saltiness level are spot on. It's everything your biltong-heart could ever biltong-wish for. Thank you, Brooklyn Biltong, for coming into my life." β€”JeremyPlease

Prices start at $35. Order here or on Amazon.

15. Lobster rolls, lobster mac and cheese, and everything lobster from Hancock Gourmet Lobster, ME.,

What locals say: "Finding Lobster in South Dakota is not easy. We typically use Amazon, but for Lobster we go to Hancock. We have been buying from Hancock for years on holidays and special occasions. We're from Maine and fairly picky about good seafood and Hancock is outstanding." β€”Catherine J.

Prices start at $75. Order here.

16. Pastrami, knishes, and reuben from Katz's Delicatessen, NY

What locals say: "When I took a bite of my sandwich, I was stunned. I'm not a huge fan of pastrami, but after that bite, I became a believer! The pastrami is cut thicker - which I love - than what I've had before, and it was so perfect! Pastrami can usually come off as too salty, but not this - all the seasonings were just right!" β€”Alesia C.

Knishes start at $10, pastrami at $35. Order here.

17. Unexpectedly tasty flavors of ice cream from Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, OH,

What locals say: "I can't believe I'm dying for their ice-cream while I was trembling in snow cold wind. Yes that's how good they are!" β€”Millie H.

Some flavors include salted peanut butter with chocolate flecks and ylang ylang & fennel. Each pint is $12. Order here.

18. Biscuits and pimiento cheese from Callie's Hot Little Biscuit, SC

What locals say: "As a southern girl born and raised, I've consumed a cat life's worth of biscuits. I thought I knew where to go to fulfill this primal need. I was wrong. Now I'm going to have to drive 5 hours just to get my hands on Callie's Hot Little Biscuit. And it's going to be totally worth it." β€”Ellie L.

Prices start at $20. Order here.

19. Lox, other smoked fish, pickled goods, and more from Barney Greengrass, NY

What locals say: "Restaurant and deli and really the best bagels and salty lox." β€”cm g.

Prices average at $45 per pound. Order here.

20. Iced black, honey, and sweet coffee from Switters Iced Coffee, TN,

What locals say: "Love love love this coffee!!!! I have been searching for some good slow roasted coffee, and I definitely found it!" β€”Cora Edmonds

For lovers of Vietnamese-style coffee. Each 3 pack is $59. Order here.

21. Cookies, cereal milk, and cakes from Milk Bar, NY

What locals say: "It is all delicious. The cake truffles are addictive. I got the chocolate malt cake, birthday cake, and strawberry shortcake for my birthday and it personally made my birthday. Even their coffee is amazing." β€”Christina P.

Prices start at $5.25. Order here.

22. Coffee and tea from Philz Coffee, CA

What locals say: "Honest to God, this is the only coffee chain I feel completely comfortable spending $5 on a cup of coffee because Philz's coffee is actually good-- it's great." β€”Nicole A.

Prices start at $18. Order here.

23. Crazy caramel brownie creations from Killer Brownie, OH.

What locals say: "I tried two of the killer brownies (original and PB) and the monster cookie at the coffee shop. I was blown away. They'e very dense brownies so if that's what you like then you'll be a fan." β€”Tiffany S.

Prices start at $5. Order here or on Amazon.

24. Hot and spicy cheese bread from Stella's Bakery, WI

What locals say: "Stellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Your spicy cheese bread could kill me! It is so freaking good. Seriously though, if you haven't tried Stella's wares, you really should. Just one bite and you'll be hooked!" β€”Alisa S.

Prices start at $9. Order here.

25. Fresh juices and seasonal fruit from Red Jacket Orchards, NY

What locals say: "Amazing summer juices! I still have a bottle that I am savoring from NY that I brought cross-country. Try the Joe's Summer blend or the rhubarb-apple. You will not be disappointed." β€”Emily G.

Prices start at $20. Order here.

26. Chicago-style deep dish pizza from Gino's East, IL

What locals say: "Oh my, deep dish pizza. Goodness." β€”Doug W.

Prices start at $27. Order here.

27. Nutella chocolate babka, croissants, and other baked goods from Breads Bakery, NY

What locals say: "Don't even think about coming down this block if you are on a diet. Their nutella chocolate babka is crack. You will not be able to control yourself. That I can guarantee you because it is that good." β€”Shushu C.

Prices start at $40. Order here.

28. Apple pies baked in a bag and other goods from The Elegant Farmer, WI

What locals say: "The Apple Pie in a Paper Bag is a thing of beauty. The apple pie alone is out of this world, but when that sugar crystallizes in that crust, something phenomenal happens. I'm always scraping the crust off the paper bag it's so good." β€”Joseph W.

Pies start at $20. Order here.

29. Salami and sausage from Olympia Provisions, OR

What locals say: "Wandered around the waterfront and made our way over to Olympia Provisions. Score. The Hot Cappicola and Olympia Mary are absolutely amazing. A treat for the senses. Make your way here whether it's a short walk or a pilgrimage. β€”Drew M.

Prices start at $10. Order here.

30. Nut butters from Big Spoon Roasters, NC,

What locals say: "I want to be buried in Chai Spice Peanut Butter when I die..." β€”Mark L.

Jars are $10 each. Order here.

31. Alfajores and other dulce de leche treats from Limanjar DulcerΓ­a, NY

What locals say: "The best alfajores EVER!" β€”Maria C.

Each box is $39. Order here.

32. Giant, gooey cookies from T-Rex Cookie Company, MN,

What locals say: "Without a doubt, the Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Chip cookie is the best cookie I've ever eaten. All the cookies I've had are gooey on the inside and crispy on the outside. I visit T-Rex Cookies to try new cookies (and all are amazing!), but I always end up leaving with at least one Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Chip." β€”Ana K.

Get a 10 pack for $60. Order here.

33. Wood fire pizza from Roberta's, NY,

What locals say: "One of my favorite places in all of NYC. I have been here many times over the years. I like the food, the vibe, the decor, the music, simply everything about this place. This place never disappoints. My favorite is the bee sting. It's just about the best pizza on earth." β€”Patrick N.

Starts at $69. Order here.

34. Cookie dough pints from Cookie Do, NY

What locals say: "I have to stop myself from ordering daily (the struggle is real) so that I don't turn into a tub of cookie dough." β€”Katie G.

Prices start at $16. Order here.

35. Kouign-amans from Les Madeleines, UT

What locals say: "Aaaah the Kouign Aman. Basically our reason for living if you've had it. I've had them elsewhere, but no one compares to Les Madelines. It's so crunchy, gooey and flavorful. Just thinking about it, I'm salivating. " β€”Danielle F.

Packages start at $50. Order here.

36. Cheesecakes and pies (including the mile high apple pie) from Blue Owl Bakery, MO

What locals say: "You have to save room for a slice of their mile high apple pie. It is life changing." β€”Chris S.

Prices start at $30. Order here.

37. Boozy ice cream from Tipsy Scoop, NY,

What locals say: "I had tipsy scoop cater my holiday party this year...and oh man was it a hit. They came over and made a whole little section that really gave my party an extra kick. The egg nog bourbon was delicious. I will order again." β€”Nick H.

Packs start at $36. Order here.

If you want to check out other local eateries that ship nationwide, check out Goldbely!

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