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33 Products That Any Miyazaki Lover Will Obsess Over

Just in time for his blessed return.

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9. One of these four different mugs that represent Totoro in delightfully charming moods.

12. These pens that transform No Face into the sweetest friend.

13. This bomber jacket that has the name of your one true love stitched on the front.

15. This Spirited Away candle holder that projects Chihiro and Haku on the walls.

17. These lip balms that actually have accurate names for their designs.

For the one showing Calcifer, it's called "Who Swallowed A Star."

Get them from Shiro Cosmetics for $5 each.

18. This Ohmu purse from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind that deserves an Earth-loving human to protect it forever.

24. This calming pillow that aestheticizes the goodness of the tree spirit.

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