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Updated on Jan 19, 2019. Posted on Jun 8, 2016

21 Ridiculously Gorgeous Geeky Engagement Rings

Nerd on.

Jenny Chang / Buzzfeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. This 8-bit—inspired gold ring.

2. This World of Warcraft lover's ruby ring.

Get it from PaulMichaelDesign for $490.

3. This Triforce cut for Zelda fanatics.

Get it from FineGeekJewelry for $240.

4. These clever Sher-locked rings.

True love or loyal fixation?

Get it from Geekonista for $75-$88.

5. This minimalist Golden Snitch.

Get it from FineJewelryByGrace for $675.

6. This Sailor Moon Crisis Moon Compact ring.

Get it from FineGeekJewelry for $100-$125.

7. This delicate LOTR-inspired floral ring.

8. This set of Doctor Who sapphire bands.

9. This inscription of "love" in binary code.

Get it from FineJewelryByGrace for $795.

10. This titanium Pac Man ring with gold and ebony wood inlays.

Get it from Hawaiititanium for $747.

11. This Legend of Zelda ring embedded with Goron's Ruby:

Get it from mooredesign13 for $190-$1,220 (depending on the ruby).

12. This gorgeous R2-D2 finger droid.

13. This Harley Quinn garnet-and-onyx beauty.

Get it from AllThingsGeekChic for $575.

14. This custom circuit board band.

Get it from BlueKraken for $585.

15. This customizable Green Lantern miniature.

Choose any color and type of gem you want. Get it from MichaelMJewelry for $359.

16. This ring of ruby and black diamond Minecraft hearts.

17. These simple Steampunk mechanic rings.

Get them from galbarash for $231.

18. This intricately woven Zelda-styled ring.

Get it from DeMerJewelry for $8,876.

19. This textured Stargate lookalike.

Get it from mooredesign13 for $175.

20. This rose gold–plated Star Wars ring fit for any rebel.

Get it from juanhidalgo for $372.

21. This Golden Snitch with a topaz center:

Get it from alchemyhouse for $659.

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