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13 Inexpensive Ways To Make Your Shoes Last

So you never have to part with your favorite pair of shoes.

1. After wearing new shoes for a few days, take them to a cobbler to get the outsoles, heels, and toes reinforced.

2. Or, you can reinforce the outsoles yourself with sole protectors and heel plates.

3. Rotate your shoes so that each pair has a chance to dry out before it's worn again.

4. Instead of trying to fix your shoes with super glue, use shoe goo.

5. If you've invested in a really nice pair of leather shoes, get some cedar shoe trees to help keep their shape.

6. For shoes that don't work with shoe trees (most non-leather shoes), try Sneaker Balls.

7. Get some Stick and Flick patches to repair worn-out edges and laces.

8. To preserve delicate heels, try KiiX adhesives.

9. Waterproof your shoes so that they're less susceptible to water damage.

10. Use a shoehorn to slide into your shoes without ruining the counter (back of the shoe).

11. For good leather-shoe maintenance, "moisturize" the exterior with shoe cream.

12. For non-leather shoes, try to find pairs with suede uppers and rubber soles for longer lifetimes.

13. If you need to wash your shoes, don't put them in the washing machine. Use a toothbrush instead.

Now go and take good care of your bbs.

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