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23 Surprising Gifts That Make Bad First Impressions

Prank them with love.

1. This pencil pouch that just looks like a smelly fish.

2. This unsightly plunger that's actually a wine bottle stopper.

3. This sneaky stocking that knows it's infinitely better as a flask.

4. This pillow case that loves to pretend that it's crumpled paper.

5. This set of nail polish that likes to paint paper, not nails.

6. These mushy sushi rolls that unfold into colorful towels.

7. This puzzle set that spreads out into a 10-piece set of office supplies.

8. This book that contains the most enlightening information.

9. This iPhone 6 case that transports your phone back in time.

10. This stray leaf that's decided to become a permanent door stop.

11. These eggs that lather instead of crack, making your skin silky smooth.

12. This composition notebook that makes a rustic home for your iPad.

13. This seemingly boring banana leaf that magically transforms into a handy little tray.

14. This scientific beakers that prefer to store oil and vinegar.

15. This voodoo doll that serves better as a cutting board.

16. This conversion chart that converts math into something useful, being on a wallet and all.

17. This remarkably large lego that's not just a nuisance, but a practical storage box.

18. This UGH! boot that turns into the most adorable chew toy.

19. This milk bottle that wants to envelop your body in lovely, fragrant soap.

20. This pencil that dreams of being a broom.

21. This soothingly smooth object that peels oranges like a whiz.

22. These error messages that come across as very applicable sticky notes.

23. This giant soft pretzel that's filled with something that's better than dough.

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