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We Dare You Not To Buy Jewelry Made From Breast Milk

No longer drinkable, FYI.

Hey, here's a pretty ring I found on the Internet.

At first I thought, "Oh, maybe it's crystal or a weird kind of marble," but never would I have guessed it's BREAST MILK!

YEP, YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT. It's breast milk preserved in resin.

The maker, Mamma's Liquid Love, started crafting these pieces as a way to thank her milk donor, back when she was struggling to produce enough milk for her child.

So far, a number of people have sent in their milk to create memorable gifts.

Each "stone's" color is unique, since every mother's breast milk is different. Sometimes it's light and other times it's thick and yellow.!product-page/c10at/b522db71-ad97-dcdf-8dce-44fd2a31d9c1,!product-page/c10at/7ff44f2a-ddbb-0db8-cf1d-ebc44552cc90

The pieces range from $50 to $100 and take about 6–8 weeks.

Facebook: Mm12202015

You can choose from one of the shop's designs or you can send in your own.

Not only is this a great gift for a donor, but if you're a new mother, it's also a weird and awesome gift to ~surprise~ your child with someday.!product-page/c10at/702c6330-8608-6e03-f4c1-9545942d09dd,!product-page/c10at/508cf969-d5cf-d974-7a7f-5ec074531081

Or maybe you're just a die-hard fan of motherhood, and you can wear this as a token of your appreciation.

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