This Artist Reimagined Animals As Iconic People In History And They're Incredible

    I know you've always wanted to see what Joan of Bark would look like.

    1. David Bony

    2. King Tutankameow

    3. Queen Elhissabeth

    4. Mary Smelly

    5. Slothesphine Baker

    6. Joan of Bark

    7. Marie Antoinippe

    8. Bess ColeEmu

    9. William Pawllace

    10. Yamanami Keishiba

    11. S. Leopard & Zelda Fitzgerald

    12. Budalope Luckey

    13. Napoleon Boneaparte

    14. Bodhissatva Jizo

    15. Pocafawntas

    16. Marilyn Mongrel

    17. William Shakesbeard

    18. Chipchip Channell

    19. Migrowl De Cervantes

    20. M.L. Jobs

    21. Emily Peanut Butterfield

    22. Jean Lafeet

    23. Anne of Sleeves

    24. Wallaby Lugosi

    25. Elvis Petme

    26. Dog Sinatra

    27. Cleopetra

    28. And finally, Kitty Roosevelt

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