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    27 Pet Products From Amazon Our Readers Are Loving So Far In 2023

    And their furry friends are lovin' them even more.

    1. A pet hair remover because as much as you love your pup, you don't love the hair they leave behind on *everything* you own. With one quick swipe, this little tool will solve the problem and Fido will officially be allowed back on the couch for snuggles.

    2. A fur-removing rake to scrape against your carpet for a kinda gross yet very satisfying cleaning experience. Caution: the results may be shocking.

    Yellow and black rake next to pile of hair sweeped up from carpet, black lab in the background

    3. A cat dancer toy for the kitties who give off "this bores me" energy to every toy you introduce them to. It provides mental and physical stimulation for housebound cats and can be used for solo or interactive play, so you might even come home to find them playing with it all on their own!

    Beige kitten playing with dancer toy

    4. A four-pack of plush duck toys in case your dog's go-to toy strategy is "search and destroy." Reviewers claim these lil' duckies are less destructible than your usual plushies and even if they break the squeaker on one, they'll have three more to keep them occupied! Plus, these are great for fetch and tug-of-war, so you'll get some quality playtime in too.

    Brown dog cuddling green duck plush toy

    5. A Rocco & Roxie stain and odor-eliminating spray because a hard-working pet parent such as yourself deserves nice things... aka carpets, rugs, and couches that actually last.

    6. A self-grooming cat brush that'll remove and collect loose cat fur. It can be attached to the corner of a wall, in case your very independent kitty would *never* tolerate you brushing them. Now they can get the job done themself.

    7. A soothing sloth pillow for the cats who are the complete opposite of hyper-independent. Quite the contrary — this toy is for the kitties who suffer from separation anxiety or are particularly stressed. When your cat cuddles with their new friend, a soft purring sound will be released to help put them at ease, so you can go to work for the day without the excruciating guilt. Don't worry, this lil' toy won't replace you...but it'll come in as a close second.

    White and brown cat snuggling next to blue sloth toy

    8. Cat chewing sticks because cat people have been lobbying for a feline alternative to a dog bone for quite some time now. As a neutral party, I think this is only fair.

    Black and brown striped cat chewing on stick

    9. Bissell Stomp 'N Go pads so you pretty much don't have to even bend down to really get in there and *successfully* clean the mess your pets leave on your floor. All you have to do is set down the pad, literally stomp on it, remove it, and prepare to be amazed at how well it works.

    Clean square surrounding by darker beige carpet, showing the stain removal from stomp pad

    10. Or a Bissell Little Green carpet and upholstery vacuum for those of us who have tried *everything* to remove stains but are at our wit's end. Don't give up on your carpet just yet — this little tool has got quite the suction with a large tank and included formula that lifts the stains away as if they were never even there.

    Reviewer using green portable vacuum on dark gray couch

    11. Burt's Bees dander-reducing spray that's free of formulas, sulfates, and harsh chemicals. It's safe to use on cats of all ages and reduces dander buildup on the skin, leaving your feline friend's coat shiny and soft. Not to mention, its oatmeal formula is extremely moisturizing — I mean it's Burt's Bees, after all. Whiskers really is getting the royal treatment.

    12. Snout soothing balm in case your dog suffers from the pet equivalent of chapped lips — a cracked nose. :( Hang in there buddy, your nose will soon be returned to its shiny, wet glory with this all-natural, vegan cream.

    13. A gentle grooming glove so you can trick your pet into getting a brushing by "petting" them. The glove gives a massaging effect your pet will love and can be used daily to reduce shedding or during bath time for a deeper clean.

    Reviewer's picture of white fur on grooming glove

    14. Oatmeal paw butter for the adventurous pups or kitties with worn-down and cracked paws. It's a PH-balanced formula that's safe for pets to lick because as we all know, it's virtually impossible to get your dog to stop licking their paws. That's another problem, I say let 'em live.

    15. A double-layer, waterproof litter trapping mat that'll keep kitty litter in its designated area of your home. When your cat steps out of the box and onto the mat, the large honey-comb-shaped holes catch the litter, removing it from their paws and in turn, preventing them from tracking it around your home.

    Brown litter mat under gray planter litter box

    16. Hard clumping, low-tracking litter made with 100% bentonite clay so your kitty can leave their business in the box. The low-dust formula is great for both cats and humans with allergies and acts quickly, preventing moisture from reaching the bottom of the tray, ensuring that the hard clumps won't break down when scooping. Plus, reviewers swear that it's actually odor-reducing — cat owners everywhere can attest to how many times that promise has not been fulfilled in a litter.

    17. Toy blockers if you're sick of getting down on your hands and knees to get your dog's favorite toy out from under the couch again...and again. You won't know peace until your dog is reunited with his favorite squeaky, do yourself a favor and put these under your furniture so it can stop being your problem.

    Clear toy blocker under stainless steel oven

    18. A self-warming pet bed that — fair warning — may take your cuddle buddy away. You've been complaining that your pup takes up your whole queen-sized bed every night but once they try this, they're *probably* gonna leave you in the dust. What is this sorcery, you ask? Well, the bed is insulated with a Mylar interior that reflects body heat to provide comfort and warmth.

    Gray cat in red and white pet bed

    19. A robotic cat toy to entertain your feline when you can't. You can only play with a string for so long but, as you probably already know, your cat can do it alll day. This little toy moves across the floor, toting a feather string along, keeping your cat both mentally and physically stimulated.

    Striped cat playing with gray robotic cat toy

    20. A Wobble Wag Giggle ball because dogs can also play for hours. You, on the other hand, have a job, and an apartment, and bills, and other human responsibilities to tend to. This lil' toy emits giggle sounds when shaken, so it'll keep your dog occupied when you can't. It'll almost be like you're playing with them. If only we had a dog's life.

    Gray dog playing with green wobble wag giggle ball

    21. Some heavy-duty litter box liners so when it comes time to dump the litter from the box, you aren't facing imminent danger. In this scenario, the imminent danger in question is the very likely probability that you'll dump litter all over the place during the cleaning process. Instead, by securing this bag over the box, you can simply pull the drawstring, remove everything all at once, and avoid disaster.

    22. A roll of lavender-scented waste bags that'll make the stinky process of cleaning up after your dog, well, much less stinky.

    Green roll of waste bags sitting on top of cardboard packaging box

    23. A clear, adhesive furniture protector because, incidentally, your prized, velvet armchair is also your cat's favorite scratching post. Figures. Try these — they not only protect your furniture but also act as a deterrent altogether. Your cat just won't get the same satisfaction out of your chair anymore. Well played, you win this round.

    Two clear rectangle adhesives on back of light beige couch

    24. An interactive dog treat puzzle toy to save your pup from boredom and teach them how to actually savor their treats (as opposed to chomping them down in one bite). The toy includes obstacles and steps that'll keep your dog's attention as they sniff out their favorite treats.

    Black and brown dog playing with blue, red, and white puzzle toy

    25. An adhesive catnip wall toy with three different flavors of catnip treats for your cat to lick and play with. Wall meet Whiskers, you're about to be up close and personal.

    26. A floppy fish toy that'll evoke your cat's natural instincts. It has a built-in motion sensor that activates the toy whenever your kitty gives it a nudge, like a real fish wigglin' out of water. Nice catch!

    Gray cat cuddling red trout fish toy

    27. A quiet and low-consumption pet fountain because, believe it or not, dogs and cats naturally prefer to drink from moving water. If your pet is especially picky when it comes to staying hydrated, try this fountain! It has three different flow designs to meet the needs of various pets.

    Cat drinking from white water fountain with yellow & white flower sprout

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.