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38 Reasons Buster Bluth Is The Best Part Of "Arrested Development"

Let’s all give our favorite Motherboy a big hand.

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9. And he's the only Bluth who understands basic Spanish.

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15. Even if it didn't necessarily prepare him for real world challenges.

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George: You can say what you want about the Milford Academy— the kids that came out of there, prepared for life.

Buster: Does anyone know how to eat one of these?

16. His feud with Annyong is hilariously adorable.

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21. He sees the silver lining in every situation.

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Even when he had his hand bitten off by a loose seal, he managed to see the bright side.

“Actually, I’m relieved. I don’t have to go to Army because the seal with the bow tie attacked me. I feel like I’ve lost three pounds.”

27. He deals with the same struggles we all face.

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“This huge thing? Yeah, it's new. Of course, the week after I got it, the six came out. You can play a flute with that one. It comes with a flute!”

30. He has no tolerance for obscenities.

Instagram: @bluthcompanyofficial

31. He recognizes when there's cause for concern.

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Tobias: Here, take my business card.

Buster: Gah!

Tobias: No, no, it’s pronounced ah-NAL-rah-pist.

Buster: It wasn’t really the pronunciation that bothered me.

36. He's basically the only family member who's not completely selfish.

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Michael: You didn’t sell your stock?

Buster: What? No. Your letter said not to, and I would never want to hurt the family.

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