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    21 Traumatic Middle School Memories No One Will Ever Forget

    The horrific events that bond us all together.

    1. Seeing your ALWAYS EMBARRASSING yearbook photo for the first time.

    2. When your body first showed signs it was plotting against you.

    3. The DEADLY combination of lunch period and braces.

    4. Seeing your crush holding hands with someone who WASN'T YOU.


    5. Trying to get the whole "slow dance" thing down.

    Found this gem today. #middleschoolproblems

    Erica Crane@hey_ecrane

    Found this gem today. #middleschoolproblems

    7:02 PM - 09 Apr 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    6. And grinding.

    7. The agony of getting dumped by THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE via their best friends.

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    8. The stench of Axe mixed with body odor oozing from the boy's locker room.

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    9. The abrupt sexual awakening that came out of NOWHERE...

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    10. ... And having NO IDEA what to do with all the urges.

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    11. Forgetting your locker combination AND YOU'RE ALREADY LATE.


    For the nth time.

    12. The formation of cliques...

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    13. ...And resorting to extremes to fit in to the "cool" clique.

    14. Being the last to know about an embarassing nickname you were given.

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    15. Learning about STDs in health class IN THE WORST POSSIBLE WAY.

    What better way to prevent STD's than Pokemon? #DontCatchemAll #gvsu

    Phil of the Future@FoletaRevis

    What better way to prevent STD's than Pokemon? #DontCatchemAll #gvsu

    10:39 AM - 24 Sep 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

    16. Getting a note confiscated that was meant for your BFF's EYES ONLY.

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    17. The exact moment you realized you needed to start wearing deodorant on the daily.

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    18. ANYTIME your parents would drop you off.

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    19. Or chaperone a dance.

    20. That guy who always wrote something totally inappropriate in your yearbook.

    21. And the desperation to not be the last of your friends to get a first kiss.

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    But hey, at least it wasn't nearly traumatic as high school.

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