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    Posted on Jun 3, 2016

    23 Times Disney Princesses Were You High AF

    ~A high new world~

    1. When you weren't gonna smoke tonight but the green just calls you.

    2. When you open that new bag of weed you've been saving.

    3. When you take that first hit...

    4. ...and you're just LIVING in all the smoke around you.

    5. When it hits you all at once and you're the happiest you've ever been.

    6. When you decide to watch a TV show and the plot sends you off into a series of multiple five-minute deep thoughts...

    7. ...and then you snap out of it and think to yourself, "Wow, I'm really high."

    8. When you put on some of your music and it's the best shit you've ever heard.

    9. When the best idea EVER for a movie magically comes to you like some sort of biblical prophecy.

    10. When you stare at your phone for 30 minutes trying to make sure what you're texting makes sense.

    11. When you hear a noise and convince yourself you're gonna get attacked...

    12. ...but it's just the pizza you forgot you ordered.

    13. When you take a moment to stop and look around you and all you see is a sea of smoke.

    14. When your roommate gets home and asks if you've been smoking...

    15. then you get them high too.

    16. When you try to tell your roommate about the great movie idea you thought of earlier but you can't form complete thoughts.

    17. When you inhale a little too hard and can't stop the high coughs.

    18. When you locate that extra grub in your cabinets.

    19. When you've smoked it all and contemplate taking a resin hit.

    20. When your bed is so far from where you're sitting...

    21. you just stay where you're sitting — half-awake and baked.

    22. When you finally make it to your bed and you're out for good.

    23. And finally, when you wake up the next morning from the best night's sleep ever, ready to do it all over again.

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