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This Kid Met Kanye West And Made Him Smile Longer Than Kanye Has Ever Smiled

Prepare to smile like Kanye did.

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian celebrated their daughter North West's third birthday at Disneyland yesterday, which is cute and all BUT NOT THE POINT OF THIS STORY.

While they were celebrating, a kid who was VERY excited about being in the presence of Kanye West decided to conduct a Snapchat interview with the famous rapper. Everything about these nine seconds IS GOLD:

Kanye explains the story behind "I Love Kanye" lol @TeamKanyeDaily

Like this kid is just so fucking stoked to be next to Kanye.

Then Kanye gives the most Kanye response ever to the kid's question.

...which is EXACTLY what the kid wanted to hear.

And most importantly, Kanye is smiling — WHICH NEVER HAPPENS.

Get this kid a full-time interviewing position!

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