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    Talan From "Laguna Beach" Is Now A Father And I Honestly Can't Believe It

    Another day, another Laguna Beach baby.

    For two seasons, Talan Torriero played his heartthrob-self on Laguna Beach, and quickly became the most-desired prom date in every high school during the mid-'00s. I mean, this picture sums up 2005 pretty damn well:

    Well, I have news that's going to make you feel SOME sort of way: Talan is now a FATHER.

    According to his Instagram account, Talan and his wife Danielle welcomed their son Bronson Leonardo into the world on Sunday, weighing in at 7.7 pounds.

    If we're keeping track, that makes Talan the newest addition to the Laguna Beach Parents Club, which includes Alex M., Christina, Kristin, Lauren, Jessica, Morgan, Taylor, and most recently, Jason Wahler:

    Damn, where has the time gone? LET'S GO BACK, BACK TO THE BEGINNING, PLEASE!