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Instagram Released It's End Of The Year Stats And Selena Gomez Dominated It All

No one else was even close.

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To put that follower count into perspective, that's nearly California's entire population.... MULTIPLIED BY THREE. Not to mention the 10 million follower lead she has over the second-most followed celeb, Taylor Swift, who has a little over 93 million followers.

And hey, while we're on the topic of Taylor Swift, her most-liked photo of the year was a TBT of herself........... and SELENA.

But Selena's Instagram domination over the year doesn't stop there.


According to Instagram's Year In Entertainment statistics for 2016, Selena gained the most followers out of any other celebrity this past year — she netted 50 MILLION FOLLOWERS. NBD!


And if we want to dig a little deeper, the only other celeb to crack the top 10 most-liked celebrity photos was Cristiano Ronaldo. The rest of the top 10 photos belonged to Selena!

(The soccer star had the sixth and ninth most-liked celebrity photos.)


Selegend also had the most-liked celebrity video on Instagram:

...Along with the SECOND most-liked celebrity video from 2016: