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I Said It — Sabrina The Teenage Witch Is Way More Powerful Than Harry Potter

Hogwarts could've used Sabrina.

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But I'm here to educate everyone on a more powerful sorcerer who could've finished Voldemort in less than those seven years that Harry took — SABRINA THE FUCKING TEENAGE WITCH.


Let's start off by saying, these two are pretty much on even playing fields. They both have non-existent parents, they both learned about their wizarding abilities at a young age, and they both faced magical obstacles nearly every moment of their teenage lives.

Harry spent this four-year advantage learning in an enchanted castle THAT FUCKING SPECIALIZES IN MAGIC while being taught from the most RENOWNED witches and wizards of his time.

Harry's learning materials included (but were not limited to): New textbooks every year for each NEW class, classes five days a week, a giant library full of any information ever, Hermione, Dumbledore, Snape, Sirius, McGonagall, Hagrid, etc.

Meanwhile, we have Sabrina over here ATTENDING A BASIC ASS PUBLIC SCHOOL FOR NORMAL TEENS WITH MUGGLE TEACHERS learning non-magical shit like science. WITCHES DON'T NEED TO KNOW SCIENCE.


Now let's stop and breakdown Sabrina's learning materials: ONE spell book, one mad-scientist aunt, one extremely ditzy aunt, and a talking cat who's actually a creepy convicted wizard felon.

Yet Sabrina is performing FUCKING non-verbal spells almost IMMEDIATELY, whereas Harry Flopper was just learning about these spells four years after starting at Hogwarts — AND HE'S SO DAMN TERRIBLE AT THEM EVEN WITH PRIVATE LESSONS FROM SNAPE.

Sure, Sabrina had her aunts to teach her, BUT HARRY LITERALLY HAD DUMBLEDORE HOLDING HIS HAND THE WHOLE FUCKING TIME HE WAS AT HOGWARTS. How you gonna fuck up learning from the greatest wizard of all time? IDK, BUT HARRY MANAGED TO.


Like could you imagine the damage Sabrina's finger would've done to Voldy's squad? She could've just pointed her finger, turned Voldemort into a goat, and saved HUNDREDS of lives in the process.

...But Sabrina didn't have it exactly easy either! She literally spent her senior year hiding from a fellow pupil who happened to be a witchhunter that had the power to turn her into A MOUSE for 100 years.


And she did this ON TOP OF working at a coffee shop. When did Harry work in school? OH THAT'S RIGHT, NEVER, BECAUSE HE'S LAZY AF AND IS ONLY IMPORTANT BECAUSE HE IS AN ACCIDENTAL HUMAN HORCRUX.


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