16 Questions About "Arthur" You Looked Over As A Child

    Is Elwood City full of discrimination and homophobia?

    1. As we all know, Arthur is an a-a-r-d-v-a-r-k, so why the fuck doesn't he resemble an aardvark?

    I understand the show centers around anthropomorphic animals drawn to give them human characteristics, but Arthur looks nothing like an aardvark in the way the other characters look like the animals they represent!!!!

    2. And how they hell does Arthur's glasses stay on his face if the legs of his glasses don't rest on his ears?

    3. If Binky's a bulldog and has anthropomorphic qualities like the rest of the animals in Elwood City, why isn't Arthur's dog Pal anthropomorphic? Why can't he speak and function like Binky?

    Not to mention Prunella and Fern, who are also dogs.

    4. Why do we only see some animals as characters in the show? Is there segregation and deep-seated discrimination between different animal groups in Arthur's world?

    5. ...And/or is there a bigger issue here? We've seen characters eat burgers, hot dogs, and chicken on the show — does that imply cows, pigs, and chickens live traditional livestock lives as the discriminated minority, simply raised to feed the mouths of the other animals who rank themselves above them?

    Is that why we only see *some* animals, because the others are raised to be slaughtered and eaten?

    6. And what does that mean for Casey Tulips, a TV host who's clearly a pig? How does he feel about his family being sold in grocery stores for food?

    7. And if these animals of Elwood City are omnivores, then why doesn't Brain, who's a bear, eat his teacher Mr. Ratburn, who's a rat?

    8. And wouldn't Principle Haney have the urge to eat most of the students who attend his school?

    9. Ludwig Van Beethoven was a human German composer and pianist shown on the cover a book in Season 2 — does that mean humans exist?

    10. And if humans culturally impacted the animal community so much that Beethoven's work was published, why don't we see any humans? Are we extinct?

    11. If homosexuality is common among humans and animals, are there homosexual anthropomorphic animals living in Elwood City? Why don't we see them?

    12. Do interspecies relationships exist in Elwood City? You never see two different species of these anthropomorphic animals married...

    13. ...Or is it illegal to have interspecies relations? DW needs to head back to Washington DC and figure this one out.

    14. And can these anthropomorphic characters mate with those outside of their species? Clearly, a monkey can't procreate with a rabbit, but could an anthropomorphic monkey procreate with an anthropomorphic rabbit?