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17 Things Only Poor And Average Souls Will Understand

It's fine though.

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1. Because payday is the only day you aren't living in poverty.

2. Because life is rarely this generous to you.

3. Because "free" is all you can afford.

4. Because touching is as close as you can get to having something.

5. Because getting lit is the only thing you can get.

6. Because friends are expensive.

7. Because you're poor for a reason.

8. Because you can't let others know your truth.

9. Because there's not much you're good at.

10. Because Supercuts is the only kind of cut you can afford for your hair.

11. Because you already dropped all that money on a movie ticket.

12. Because there isn't shit that's fun about you.

13. Because your reflection is all you have.

14. Because everyone around you can afford to eat good shit but you.

15. Because standard shipping is your only option.

16. Because you do it to yourself.

17. And because it's always that close.


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