22 Most Offensive Things You Can Say To A ’90s Kid

How rude.

1. “The Fresh Prince rap is so obnoxious.”

NBC / Via psu.com

2. “I bet you can’t even finish Rainbow Road without falling off.”

Nintendo / Via moddb.com

3. “98° was definitely the greatest boy band of all time.”

Paramount Pictures / Via whatgiftoday.tumblr.com

4. “Dunkaroos came with way too much frosting.”


5. “I didn’t cry during The Lion King.”

Disney / Via iblameyou.soup.io

6. “Who is Justney Timberspears?”

Disney Channel / Via chaoticzone.tumblr.com

7. “You remind me of Kimmy Gibbler.”

8. “I always ripped off my Beanie Babies’ tags.”

ABC / Via tvovermind.com

9. “Your fingers are way too fat to make Bugles witch fingers.”

NBC / Via tinypic.com

10. “Ugh, ‘The Rachel’ was such an ugly haircut.”

11. “What was even the point of 3D Doritos?”

ABC / Via imgur.com

12.Goosebumps isn’t even scary.”

13. “Away messages sound pointless.”

FOX / Via gifrific.com

14. “A game of MASH won’t predict your future.”

Universal Pictures / Via forums.thebump.com

15. “I don’t know a Clarissa Darling.”

Nickelodeon / Via shoplioness.tumblr.com

16. “Eating Lunchables pizza is like eating cardboard.”

17.T.G.I.F… as in the restaurant?”

Buena Vista Pictures / Via butlercat.tumblr.com

18. “French Toast Crunch was gross and deserved to be discontinued.”

19. “You’re not stylish enough to be Posh Spice.”

CBS / Via mrwgifs.com

20. “What’s a TRL?”

21. “If you were in NSYNC, you’d be Chris Kirkpatrick.”

22. “I’ll never understand ’90s kids.”

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