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    So Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth May Have Secretly Married

    You don't Instagram your daughter in a white dress for no reason...

    The internet went into a frenzy Thursday night after Billy Ray Cyrus tweeted and Instagramed a picture of Miley wearing a white dress with the cryptic caption, "I'm so are happy."

    Billy Ray's Twitter mentions immediately FLOODED with Miley fans asking if the sentimental caption paired with picture meant Miley and Liam Hemsworth had finally tied the knot:

    @billyraycyrus Okay Billy, let's communicate. RT for wedding Like for music video RT & Like for just a regular photo(shoot)

    @billyraycyrus @MileyCyrus DID MILEY GET MARRIED

    @billyraycyrus @MileyCyrus Is she now Mrs. Hemsworth?

    Though Miley and Liam haven't said anything about the picture, Billy retweeted a couple ~wedding tweets~, which would be misleading if Miley and Liam DIDN'T actually get married:

    If you need a little refresher on your Miley and Liam history, the pair met in 2010 while filming The Last Song, got engaged in 2012, split in 2013, got BACK together in late 2015, then Miley basically confirmed their engagement was back on while visiting Ellen in October:

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    And let's be real, this WOULD BE what a Miley Cyrus wedding dress would look like:


    BuzzFeed has reached out to Miley's team for comment.