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    Manny Jacinto Read Thirst Tweets About Himself And You All Are Going To The Bad Place

    "I'm not good with compliments, especially about... stuff."

    In celebration of the final season of The Good Place, we had Manny Jacinto — aka Jason Mendoza — read YOUR thirst tweets about himself...

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    ...And let's just say some of these tweets definitely belong in The Bad Place:

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    Of course, most of the tweets were about Manny's jawline.

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    And his arms, obviously.

    i wonder if instead of this already late paper my professor would accept a collage of photos of manny jacinto’s arms

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    But after learning what a "bussy" is...

    The fact that Manny Jacinto can act AND dance and is also so damn gorgeous is a travesty like... If I find out he can sing too I'm throwing this whole bussy at him.

    ...I think it's safe to stay Manny will no longer be on the internet. Ever again.

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    Can't thirst over Manny enough? Make sure to catch him on the final season of The Good Place, airing Thursdays on NBC.