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    Khalid And Normani From Fifth Harmony Just Made V-Day Tolerable With Their New Song

    Tell me where your love liiiiiies.

    On Monday, I let out one, giant gay-gasp when Fifth Harmony's Normani Kordei tweeted a picture of her and R&B crooner Khalid, hinting that their long-awaited collab would finally be in our hands on Valentine's Day.

    Like, not even her 5H bandmates knew this was happening!

    @NormaniKordei @thegreatkhalid urmmm when were you going to tell me bout this miss I wasn’t readyyyy

    Fast-forward to this godforsaken holiday, and we have officially been blessed with the pairing of Normai's and Khalid's vocals on a smooth V-Day track off the soundtrack for the upcoming movie Love, Simon:

    View this video on YouTube

    AND IT'S 🔥🔥🔥!!!

    I'm listening to love lies #LoveLiesOutToday @NormaniKordei

    If you're keeping tabs, this is Normani's DEBUT as a solo artist and her fans are LIVING for it:

    So proud of you girly ❣️ @NormaniKordei #LoveLiesOutToday #LoveLiesKhalidxNormani

    im bumping to Love lies @NormaniKordei and @thegreatkhalid THIS IS ART #LoveLiesOutToday

    #LoveLiesOutToday might delete soon but @NormaniKordei @thegreatkhalid i love this song WAY too much

    Keep the music coming please, Normani!