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    Katy Perry Lost All Chill And Spit Out Half-Eaten Nuggets Live On Japanese TV

    "NO, KATY, NO!!!"

    Katy Perry continued to be her fullest-self while appearing on the Japanese the morning show Sukkiri where she was presented with a bunch of Lawson chicken nuggets...

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    ...and not to get ahead of ourselves, but this is how things turned out:

    It all started when the hosts presented Katy with the famous nuggets. Like most people, Katy couldn't stop herself from immediately stuffing her face with the nuggs:

    (It's unclear if she was tasked with eating as many nuggets as she could or if the power of nuggets simply came over her.)

    But then things escalated...quite a bit:

    Like, she began double-fisting nuggets into her mouth:

    All while the hosts yelled at her to stop:

    ESPECIALLY this woman:

    The "Ur So Gay" singer ended up biting off more than she could chew...

    ...and had no choice but to spit out the partially konsumed nuggs on live TV:

    Katy then went on to perform the Target bonus track "Act My Age" from her latest album Witness — aka WHAT SHOULD'VE BEEN HER LEAD SINGLE — so at least we have that.

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    Hmmmmmm. Buy "Bon Appétit" on iTunes?

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