Justin Bieber Is Back On Instagram After A 24-Week Break

    ...For now.

    When Justin Bieber quit Instagram last August after a messy virtual fight with ex Selena Gomez (I'm honestly too exhausted to retell that tale), it seemed like he was done FOREVER with the social network.

    ...And then he reactivated his account a couple weeks later with a bunch of blank spaces and everyone was like, "YASSSSS!!!! HE'S SORRY AND HE'S BACK WITH A CLEAN SLATE."

    he's posting loads of blank pics lol seems like he's putting a break between his last stuff and new stuff

    ...Until he killed that thought with one tweet:

    Well, AS FOR NOW, Justin is finally back on the social network after a 24-week break (at least to promote his new Super Bowl commercial with T-Mobile):

    And all of his old posts are back, too!

    Welcome back, Justin/Celebration Expert!