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    John Krasinski Just Broke Our Hearts By Admitting He Hasn't Watched "The Office" Since It Ended

    WTF, Jim!

    We recently sat down with John Krasinski to play WHAT WE THOUGHT would be just another lighthearted game of Would You Rather...

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    ...but instead, John ripped out our hearts by admitting he hasn't seen an episode of The Office since the show wrapped in 2013:

    BuzzFeed: Never have I ever spent an entire day binge-watching The Office.

    John: I don’t think I’ve watched any episodes since the show wrapped. We always used to get together to watch the episodes. There’s nothing that fun as getting together with your whole cast and having your arms around each other, eating a couple cheese plates. I don’t know if I can recreate that.

    Every Office fan ever right now:


    Well, I guess we'll just have to make a reunion with cheese plates happen, won't we?


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