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    Ikea Mocked Kanye West With A Giant Fake Bed Design

    Anyone wanna buy a giant "YEEZY" bed?

    Remember when Kanye randomly tweeted about how much an Ikea visit inspired him back in March? (Lmao 💀)

    Fast forward nearly five months later and Kanye still hasn't forgotten about that fateful Ikea trip. Earlier this week, 'Ye told Radio 1 that he'd like to work with Ikea next, saying:

    "I have to work with Ikea — make furniture for interior design, for architecture."

    Well, it doesn't seem like Ikea is taking a Kanye collaboration too seriously. Yesterday, Ikea Australia's Facebook page responded to Kanye's comments with a fake "Yeezy" bed design...

    ...which looks ODDLY FAMILIAR.

    Yup — Ikea is definitely mocking the giant bed where a bunch of naked wax figures (who looked like famous people) slept in Kanye's ~controversial~ "Famous" music video.

    And that caption — did Taylor hack their Facebook?

    Now, it could just be a playful interaction... but based on the Facebook comments on the picture, I'm not sure people are here for some IKANYE furniture.

    💀 x 100,000,000