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Mariah Carey Had The Most Legendary Response When She Was Asked About Her Ex

She's TOO iconic.

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So apparently, Mariah Carey's ex-fiancé James Packer is under investigation by Isreali police for his relationship with Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. And just like the rest of us, Mariah Carey had no fucking idea:

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Anyway, since Mariah is currently in Israel, she's getting bombarded by questions about Packer, to the point where she had to curse at an interviewer that she "DOESN'T KNOW WHERE THE MOTHERFUCKER IS."

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And just like that, Mariah just gave us her most iconic soundbite since "I don't know her."

Struggling to get over an ex? Save this, print it, make it your wallpaper, put it on your vision board, meditate with it, tape it to your pillow, make it your living room's wallpaper, quote it, and BREATHE IT until you too have no idea where the motherfucker is.

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