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Hilary Duff Can't Stop Getting Parking Tickets And, Honestly, It's Hilarious

"Hi, I'm Hilary Duff from the expired parking meter."

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I bet there's one thing you never knew about Hilary Duff...

...NO, not that she's an underrated septuple threat — WE ALREADY KNEW THAT!


Hilary Duff is low-key the PARKING TICKET QUEEN. Recently, the "Sparks (Fan Demanded Version)" singer has made it look like getting parking tickets is her hobby — one that she's actually quite good at...

TV Land

It all began when she received this parking ticket after a breakfast date with her son. You can tell by her facial expression that it was a simpler time in Hilary's parking ticket history:


Just three months later, she received this expired-meter ticket after running errands in West Hollywood. (GAYS, WHY DIDN'T YOU PUT A QUARTER IN HER DAMN METER???)

Splash News

Two months after that, she received another expired-meter ticket while she was in Beverly Hills. Unlike with the first ticket, her spirit seemed rather broken:


Then, those Younger checks started rolling in and she dropped the white Benz for a black Benz...

TV Land

...but the new whip couldn't stop the parking tickets!!! She was slapped with ANOTHER expired-meter ticket after a gym workout in January:


In July, things looked promising for Hilary! Lizzie McTickets was photographed paying at a meter!!! What a lesson-learning queen!!!


BUT JUST TWO MONTHS LATER, Hilary Dare-Devil Duff parked her car in a CLEARLY marked loading zone. Like, I think she just ran out of parking-fucks to give:

Gesa / SL/Terma / BACKGRID


As a grand finale, our Parking Ticket Queen leveled up and was pulled over by a cop after leaving the hair salon on Monday. Gradual progression!

Ospo, Fana / Osvaldo / FANA / BACKGRID, Xxplosive / Xxplosive / Splash News

Honestly, I strive to be THIS GOOD at something.

Gamr / GAMR/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES, /, Splash News, Gesa / SL/Terma / BACKGRID, Xxplosive / Xxplosive / Splash News

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