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14 Pictures "HSM" Zac Efron Took That He Wouldn't Today

Oh, Troy Bolton.

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Before Zac Efron bulked into a Greek marble statue, he was a dancing theater kid and the star of High School Musical. Remember this boy from 2006?

Patrick Riviere / Getty Images

1. Well a lot has changed in the past 10 years, and so has Zac. You'd never see current-day Zac giggling while locking arms with these girls.

Patrick Riviere / Getty Images

2. Or clicking his heels together mid-air.

Patrick Riviere / Getty Images

3. You wouldn't see today's Zac in hug train with Vanessa and Ashley.

Stephen Shugerman / Getty Images

4. Or posing with Real Housewive's star Lisa Rinna and her family.

Stephen Shugerman / Getty Images

5. You'd never see current Zac dancing with little kids on The Today Show stage.

Bryan Bedder / Getty Images

6. Or posing with Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong in a billed beanie.

Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic

7. You wouldn't catch Zac hanging out with Amanda Bynes.

Scott Gries / Getty Images

8. Or caught in the middle of a Mickey and Minnie sandwich.

Charley Gallay / Getty Images

9. You wouldn't see him getting forcefully kissed on the lips by Paula Abdul.

Steve Granitz / WireImage

10. Or shoving a basketball towards the camera.

Stephen Shugerman / Getty Images

11. ...Make that "posing with a basketball at all."

Patrick Riviere / Getty Images

12. You wouldn't see 2016 Zac chillin' with Roseanne at an American Idol taping.

Ray Mickshaw

13. Or arm wrestling Tweety at Six Flags.

Mathew Imaging / FilmMagic

14. And you MOST DEFINITELY wouldn't find modern Zac posing for the camera in cargo shorts and flip flops.

Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images


Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

But the best part is, 2016 Zac wouldn't have taken any of these pictures because he had a shirt on in all of them. We'll take this Zac any day.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

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