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    17 Things You'll Only Understand If You Grew Up Pisces

    There were a lot of emotions, tbh.

    1. First of all, you were an EXTREMELY sensitive child growing up.

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    2. All it took was ONE WORD spoken in a STERN voice to make your young Pisces-self break down in tears.

    3. And because you were born with high emotional intelligence, your parents' moods always affected your own.

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    4. You were always in-touch with your senses, which helped create a wild and imaginative world around you...

    5. ...Which explains the few imaginary friends you had growing up...

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    6. ...And why finding out the truth about Santa was such a traumatic experience for you.

    7. You only had a few good friends as a kid because you tended to build up walls...


    8. ...Which made a lot of kids label you as "shy," when in reality, you were just protecting yourself from getting hurt by others.

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    9. Unlike some children, you always followed your instincts rather than logic...


    10. ...And if your instincts led you into unintentional trouble, you were genuinely sorry and punished yourself with immense guilt.


    11. You feared getting a new teacher every year or randomly having to attend a new school...

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    12. ...Because abrupt changes and growing up were some of your biggest fears.


    Still probably are, tbh.

    13. Your sensitive nature made you highly empathetic toward anything living or not...


    14. ...Which is probably why you tried bringing home a stray cat or two.


    15. Adults around you often thought you were telling lies because of your EXTREMELY detailed stories...

    Even if your running imagination DID skew the story a bit...

    16. ...And siblings or friends may have seen you as spoiled, but that's only because you knew how to use your kind heart to charm the pants off anyone.

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    17. But most importantly, your creativity and emotional intelligence that comes from growing up as a Pisces set you apart from everyone else... and it still does today. <3

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