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Ellen Forgot Katy Perry Was Married To Russell Brand And Things Got Awkward

"His name is Russell Brand..."

Katy Perry stopped by Ellen on Tuesday to promote her upcoming album Witness, and things took a rather awkward turn when Ellen forgot about Katy's two-year marriage to Russell Brand.

Ellen forgetting Katy was married was so awkward 💀

The awkward exchange began right before the pair was about to play "Will You Perry Me?" (a riff on "Would You Rather") when Katy exclaimed, "Do I have to get married...AGAIN?!"

Ellen just stared at Katy like, "WTF is she talking about?" and responded, "You were not married..."

Katy, trying to play it cool, said, "'s been a long time, honey."

Ellen, still not convinced of Katy's marriage, asked who she was married to...MULTIPLE TIMES. This made Katy just a little uncomfortable as she was forced to mumble the name of her ex-husband.

Katy then ended the awkward convo with a savage drag.

All of us watching.