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    Posted on Jan 12, 2018

    Ellen Revealed Her Father Just Passed Away And Shared A Story That'll Leave You A Mess

    "I got a rainbow before he died."

    On Thursday, Ellen DeGeneres took a break from the laughs to pay a touching tribute to her late father, Elliott, who passed away earlier this week at age 92. Before you press play, you'll definitely want to grab your tissues:

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    Ellen hasn't opened up much about her father in the past, but during the heartfelt segment, she shared that he was a "very accepting man" and that he's the reason she has the sense of humor we've grown to love:

    "I lost my dad this week. ... He was 92 years old; he had a good, long life. He lived his life exactly how he wanted: He was Christian Science his entire life. He never had medicine his whole life, never went a doctor. I never had a vaccination, we never had medicine growing up. ... He was very proud of me; he loved this show. He was a kind man, very accepting man. There was not one bone of judgment in his body. He was very funny. I think my brother, Vance, and I got our sense of humor from him."

    Now, remember when I told you to grab your tissues? Yeah, go ahead and grab one right now...

    After showing a picture of herself with her father when she was a child, Ellen went on to share that the only family vacation they ever went on was to the Warner Bros. lot:

    "We only took one family vacation. When I was little girl, we came to this lot — to the Warner Bros. lot — and took the tour."

    And, if you didn't already know, the Warner Bros. lot just so happens to be the lot where Ellen has filmed the past 15 seasons of her show, in a soundstage that has since been named after herself. "He was really proud of that," she explained:

    "And now, I work on the Warner Bros. lot and I have my own stage with my name on it. So, he was really proud of that."

    As her eyes began to water, Ellen revealed that she was able to say her final goodbyes to her dad right before he passed. Just minutes after, she left the lot to find a rainbow arched over her Warner Bros. soundstage:

    "Before he passed away, I got to talk to him, so I got to say goodbye to him. I left, I was leaving the building, and I looked back and there was a rainbow over the Warner Bros. studio."

    "This is what I saw after I talked to my dad," Ellen explained. "And he died 10 minutes later."

    "I got a rainbow before he died," Ellen said, as she closed the emotional segment.

    Sending ALL the love in the entire world your way, Ellen!

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