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    Becca From "The Bachelorette" Revealed The One Moment She's Grateful Didn't Make The Show

    "I would have just a ton of chicken nuggets and a ton of peanut butter — that's what got me through the entire season."

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    We had Becca Kufrin — aka the current Bachelorette — stop by BuzzFeed to answer YOUR fan questions, and she definitely didn't hold anything back:

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    1. Did you hesitate when deciding to be the Bachelorette or was it something you knew you wanted to do immediately?


    Becca Kufrin: I was talking about it for a couple of weeks. But when I knew that I was finally ready to do this again, there was no turning back.

    2. How have you grown from your experiences on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette?


    BK: Oh yeah, I mean I've grown a lot. I have become much more patient, I would say. Especially this time around, I have become much more confident and just really comfortable in my own skin and with who I am.

    3. Were you expecting Peter to be the bachelor instead of Arie?


    BK: No. I knew that it would be Arie because he was announced on Good Morning America. Then on that day that he was announced, I got the final call saying we want you, come out to California. So I knew at that point it was going to be Arie, not Peter.

    4. Do you ever get a chance to eat? Do the men get a chance to eat?


    BK: Oh my god, I ate so much every night. The entire night for the guys, in the kitchen, they have a caterer. So they have everything from little hors-d'oeuvres to mac and cheese to chicken. But I don't get to go into the kitchen, unfortunately, so I would have just a ton of chicken nuggets and a ton of peanut butter — that's what got me through the entire season.

    5. How long does filming take that first night?


    BK: I probably got to the mansion around 7:30 [p.m.] and I probably walked out the next morning around 8:30 or 9 [a.m.]. But I had a lot of snack breaks!

    6. What did the packing list look like for Arie’s season? Did they tell you what kind of clothes to bring?


    BK: We do get a packing list but it's very generic, so it's like "some jeans, some sweaters, some shorts, a couple dresses." But we have to pack everything into only two suitcases and you're potentially gone for two months, so it's difficult. I am the worst packer in the entire world and I overpack, so I had a lot of stuff.

    7. Did you keep all of the dresses and jewelry from your extravagant first one-on-one date with Arie?


    BK: I got five or six [of the dresses]. I got one pair of earrings from Neil Lane that I got to keep, so yes, I do still have it all. Oh! And the shoes — I got the beautiful silver shoes, too. Which actually, weirdly enough, I'll still put on sometimes in my apartment and walk around in them.

    8. How mad were you when your ex showed up? Have you talked to him since?


    BK: Oh god. So when my ex showed up in Peru, that was probably the biggest blindside I had up until the breakup. I honestly thought, when I heard the knock on the door, that it would be either one of the producers or Arie himself just coming over. I did not expect to see Ross on the other end. It wasn't a pleasant surprise though.

    BuzzFeed: Have you guys spoken since then?

    BK: No, not at all [rolls eyes]. I have not talked to him since then. He shouldn't even have come if I'm being honest.

    9. Was there anything about the Bachelor process that surprised you?


    BK: I mean last season and this season, it's always a change when you realize how exhausting it is and you don't get a ton of sleep. One of the best surprises though was just meeting all the girls last year and really becoming close friends with a lot of them — not only building a friendship but knowing those friendships are going to last a lifetime.

    10. What’s it like in the Bachelor house when cameras aren’t rolling? What did you guys all do together to pass the time in between shooting?


    BK: We're filming most of the time. I've never lived in a sorority but I can imagine that's kind of what it's like. You're just cooking meals together, drinking coffee together, and you're laying by the pool. You don't have your phone, you don't have TVs, you don't have music, so it's really just interacting and building friendships with these women. Especially last season, I think we're really lucky with the group of girls that were all together.

    11. Were there any crazy or notable moments from your time on The Bachelor that the cameras didn’t catch?


    BK: One of them, I will say, it's not my best moment, but I had a few cocktails and I took a long nap behind a couch on one of the group dates. It was right behind a couch and a fireplace. I was just sitting there talking with Chelsea and it was just so cozy, I just drifted off to sleep. She's a mom so she got a pillow, put it under my head, covered me with a nice fur blanket — I'm actually kind of glad that didn't make TV.

    12. Do you think anyone from your season of The Bachelor received a “bad edit” or came across poorly on the show?


    BK: Quite honestly, everyone was portrayed how they were in the moment and how things were playing along during that day or that week. There was drama with Krystal between some of the girls, but Krystal is a good person. She was kind, she got along well with the girls — for the most part — but there were moments where people kind of get a little stir crazy and things happen. Everything that we all say and do is real and it's organic, and so I think that was all captured as it really happened.

    13. Did you have any clue that Arie was going to end the engagement?


    BK: No, I didn't think that Arie was going to end the engagement. I knew that he had been struggling with his feelings and [was] feeling guilty about how he sent Lauren home but I didn't see the breakup that day happening at all.

    14. Do you keep in touch with any of the other girls from Arie’s season?


    BK: I still keep in touch with a lot of the girls actually from Arie's season. The girls that were on After The Final Rose with me have stuck by my side throughout the entire journey. I'll still talk to Chelsea, I'll still talk to Ashley, some of the other girls, too.

    15. What’s your advice on how to deal with a truly devastating breakup?


    BK: It's hard with advice because everyone is so different. For me, when I went through the breakup with Arie, I wanted to just go back to my normal life and still do me. So, I went straight back into work and I was always with my friends and family. I think staying busy and still doing my normal routine helped. Also, I journal a ton — that helped me really sift through my thoughts, my feelings, where I was at day-by-day. It helped watching my season back with Arie and watching his relationship with Lauren — and the other women — unfold to kind of see where he was with his relationship with me versus the others.

    16. If you could change anything from your experience on The Bachelor, what would you change?


    BK: No, I honestly don't think I would change anything — I don't really regret anything. I feel like I really stayed true to who I was, said what I wanted to say, did what I wanted or had to do in each moment. I don't think I would change anything.

    17. Do you plan on moving to Los Angeles after the show or staying in Minnesota and going back to “normal” life?


    BK: I am open to doing whatever is best for my relationship and with my partner. As much as I love Minnesota, I don't feel like I need to always stay there. It's really what my partner and I decide. Whether we end up in LA or a different city that neither of us have lived in before — I'm cool with that too. I'm open to anything.

    18. What advice would you give to future Bachelor contestants and future Bachelorettes?


    BK: Always carry a snack on you because the days are long and you never know when you're gonna have a proper meal. Mine was peanut butter — I always kept peanut butter on me. And just make sure to take time for yourself. Whether it's to journal or just to sit and think or just stand in your shower for an extra 10 to 15 minutes — you'll need that alone time because you're constantly around people 24/7. Take time for yourself, take care of your body, listen to yourself when you need it the most.

    19. After going through two seasons of this show, do you believe in the journey?


    BK: I one-thousand percent believe in the journey. It worked last time around and it worked this time around, so much more! It works, it works! It's a crazy, unconventional worthwhile journey, but you can find love.

    Make sure to follow Becca's journey to love on The Bachelorette, airing Mondays on ABC!

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