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    Posted on Jun 21, 2017

    Kelly Clarkson Helped This Guy Propose To His Boyfriend And It's So Damn Cute

    Time to tie it up!

    Kelly Clarkson performed at Las Vegas' Venetian hotel Tuesday night when she decided to help Instagram user Alex Malerba propose to his boyfriend at a meet and greet:

    Alex's unsuspecting boyfriend entered the room when Kelly put her From Justin to Kelly acting skills to use and faked taking a picture with the couple.

    After the picture fake-out, Alex got on one knee, and well, you know how the rest goes!

    Luckily, his boyfriend said yes, and Kelly congratulated the new-fiancés with a big group hug.

    Now that's a Kellegendary engagement. Congrats!

    Has there ever been a better time to listen to Kelly's "Tie It Up"?

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