Why Supermarket Sweep Was The Best Game Show Ever

It was like The Price Is Right meets Jeopardy meets Extreme Couponers. Are you ready to go shopping?

Supermarket Sweep was the best game show ever to be on TV.

1. It was like The Price Is Right meets Jeopardy meets Extreme Couponers.

But better and with more product placement.

2. It was hosted by David Ruprecht who was totally like the Ryan Seacrest of the grocery game shows.

But taller and always cold.

3. Watching the show never failed to put you in a better mood because literally everyone in the audience was ALWAYS HAPPY.

4. Because HELLO, they’re at a game show and in a grocery store AT THE SAME TIME.

The Promise Land.

When the announcer opened the show by calling out product names, EVERYONE WOULD LOSE IT.

As you can see, this couple is freaking out over having toilet paper.

5. And these ladies are freaking out over Tootsie Rolls.

It’s the little things in life.

6. All because that meant they were chosen to be contestants on THE BEST GAME SHOW EVER.

7. When the teams battled it out for more sweep time, you were always on the edge of your couch.

Because the questions were so easy everyone was always neck-and-neck.

8. And for once, you were actually smarter than the contestants.

Switzzler? Time to loosen up that scrunchie, Karin.

But really, what other game show do you consistently know all the answers to the questions?

The answer is NONE because there’s nothing you know more about than food.

9. But the show really became the absolute best during the BIG SWEEP ROUND!

You knew what the matching unisex sweaters meant.

10. During Big Sweep, every contestant ran into the aisles like grocery shopping gave them anxiety diarrhea.


12. There was such a unique strategy to everyone’s individual Big Sweep game.

13. You never knew what a team’s first move would be.

14. Except you did because everyone went straight to the deli and grabbed all the meat they could.

15. The announcer’s commentary tried to help guide you through their purchases…

16. And you tried to understand what the contestants were yelling…

17. But you literally had no idea what was going on because it was filmed like everyone was running from the Blair Witch.


19. To top it off, the show was female-empowering because the soccer moms always had the highest totals.

20. Like, always.

21. No but seriously, don’t mess with the soccer moms.

22. The last challenge sent the winning team running around the grocery store like it was New Year’s Eve ‘99, looking for the $5,000 grand prize.

Which is more like grocery money for a week after taxes.

23. When a team found the whopping $5,000, it was the BEST THING EVER.

It was like an Amazing Race season finale in EVERY EPISODE.

24. However, if teams couldn’t solve the clues fast enough, they didn’t win the $5,000.

25. But even if a team did lose, they were still happy.


And because it was only $5,000.

27. So next time you’re at the checkout counter and you hear the beep…

Please come back, David Ruprecht.

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