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19 Steps To Get Over Your Ryan Gosling Obsession

I'm talking to you, the Internet.

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7. Find a mirror and play this break-up anthem:

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Because you're stronger than yesterday when you were obsessed with Ryan Gosling.

8. As Britney empowers you, make eye contact with your reflection in the mirror as you say the words, "Ryan Gosling isn't the perfectly sculptured, angelic human being I thought he once was."

Steps 9-15:

Now that you're strong enough to end your obsession, you must brainwash yourself into thinking Gosling isn't absolutely perfect in every way. For steps 9-15, you must yell the sentence in italics at the carefully chosen gif to help you get over Gosling.

WARNING: This may push you to your limits.

Steps 18 & 19:

Now that you no longer find anything attractive about Ryan Gosling that you did once before, it's time to exorcise him completely out of your life. These last two steps are the most intense, but will rid you of any Gosling attachment if done correctly.

CAUTION: THIS IS AN INTENSE PROCEDURE. BuzzFeed is NOT responsible for the events that occur any further.

17. Play the song below:

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Stay strong, don't let your feelings control you.

19. If you didn’t regret the things you yelled above, Michelle Branch didn't affect you because you have a heart made of stone, and the gif below doesn’t leave you soaked, the exorcissling worked!


If this is the case, scroll down to proceed. If not, clean up the puddle at your feet and repeat steps 9-18.

Stop lying to yourself because getting over a Ryan Gossling obsession is impossible.


Now go watch The Notebook again and continue to write him every day because being obsessed with Ryan Gosling is a privilege. Why would you ever get over it?

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