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9 Times Kelly Clarkson Was Given Other People's Leftovers (And Slayed Them)

Your fave's trash is my fave's treasure.

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Kelly Clarkson has been killing covers since her American Idol days but did you know that she has also been given other artist's leftover songs for her albums and turned them into hits? She hits the road this summer for the Piece By Piece tour and will probably sing most of these rejects:

1. "Miss Independent" by Christina Aguilera (after it was offered to Destiny's Child)

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This stomper was Kelly's second ever top ten hit and was a TRL staple but it started life as a demo rejected by Destiny's Child. The songwriter's offered it to Xtina, who helped write some lyrics but didn't finish it for her album. Kelly wrote the bridge and her manager suggested the title and the rest is chart history

2. "Breakaway" by Avril Lavigne

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Avril Lavigne cowrote this song for her debut album, Let Go but it was never finished. Kelly recorded it for the soundtrack to The Princess Diaries 2 and ended up topped the Adult Contemporary chart for 20 consecutive weeks, tying Celine Dion for longest running number one. Not bad for a castoff.

3. "Since U Been Gone" by Max Martin (and offered to Pink and Hilary Duff)

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Pop masterminds Max Martin and Dr Luke wrote the gargantuan pop smash "Since U Been Gone" with Pink in mind but after she turned it down, it was suggested to Hilary Duff's people. Hilary rejected it due to the fact she couldn't hit the high notes. Smart move, Hils. Finally, Kelly flew to Sweden to record the track and actually suggested the guitars and drums to give it a less teen pop edge. The rest is history.

4. "I Do Not Hook Up" by Katy Perry

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Katy Perry cowrote and actually recorded this mildly slut-shamy song during the sessions for One Of The Boys but it didn't make the cut. Kelly was given the track and it became her second single from All I Ever Wanted and was a top 20 hit.

5. "Long Shot" by Katy Perry (and Matt Thiessen of Relient K)

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This is the second track cowritten by Katy Perry and recorded by Kelly for the All I Ever Wanted album, but this one dates back to when Katy was still calling herself Katy Hudson and prepping her never-released second gospel album. Kelly didn't release it as a single, but it is one of the stand outs of the album (which debuted atop the Billboard 200.)

6. "Already Gone" by Ryan Tedder (using similar melody and sound as Beyonce's "Halo")

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Get ready your poison pens, Beyhive. One Republic's Ryan Tedder has written a ton of pop songs for other artists but his biggest notoriety came from cowriting two songs that sound almost the same. He wrote and recorded "Already Gone" with Kelly for her number one album All I Ever Wanted but then used suspiciously similar melody and beat for a song he wrote for Beyonce's album I Am... Sasha Fierce. That song, "Halo" was released before Kelly released "Already Gone" and created animosity between Clarkson and Tedder. Thing is, both songs are great but honestly I greatly prefer the original. Kelly poked fun at the sitation in concert, mashing the two songs together.

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7. "All I Ever Wanted" by Aranda

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So many of the tracks on Kelly's fourth studio album, All I Ever Wanted were written for other projects it's a wonder they didn't just call it a covers album. The title track, and final single, from the album was one of two songs from a band called Aranda. This song, and "Whyyawannabringmedown" were from their self titled 2008 album that was not a hit anywhere. Both songs give Kelly a chance to do what she doesn't get a chance to do often enough: rock out.

8. "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" (intended for Leona Lewis)

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Songwriter Jörgen Elofsson intended this song for Leona Lewis. After she turned it down, it was given to Kelly's producer on the album Stronger, Greg Kurtin (of the duo The Bird and the Bee.) He rewrote and rearranged it to suit Kelly's style and ended up creating her biggest hit. Like Kelly herself, what doesn't kill a song makes it stronger.

9. "Run Run Run" (also recorded by Tokio Hotel)

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While this isn't a leftover, this story is too crazy to leave off the list. "Run Run Run" started life as a demo with vocals by cowriter David Jost. Kelly heard it in 2011 and wanted to record it as a duet but couldn't find a partner. In the meantime, Tokio Hotel got ahold of the same demo and changed some lyrics before recording it for their 2014 album Kings Of Suburbia. Kelly recorded the song with John Legend, creating one of the finest songs on her current album Piece By Piece, using the original lyrics tweaked by her team. Neither artist knew about the others version until after they had both released them. Of course, the Tokio Hotel and Kelly Clarkson stans had a mini war on social media over it.

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