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16 Dog Costumes That Are So Great Even Though They're Kind Of Stupid


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1. Iced Coffee Pet Costume, $18.99 / Via


Kristin: WHO'S AN ADORABLE SEASONAL SUGAR BOMB?! YOU AREE! IT'S YOUUUUU! I'm gonna misspell my name right on your butt.


3. Dora the Explorer Dog Costume, $14.99

Party City / Via

Kristin: This dog doesn't realize it, but the more upset he looks in this costume, the more I realize how much I need it.

Chrissy: Dora the Explorer? Looks more like Dora Is Regretting Wearing This Tiny-Ass Backpack Because She Didn't Pack Enough Snacks To Sustain Her For An Entire Night Alone In The Woods Now That She's Lost Without Wi-Fi.


8. Carry Pumpkin on Back Costume, $14.25

Ebay / Via

Chrissy: How embarrassing! I'd never wear the same pants as my boyfriend in public.

Kristin: This costume is in loving memory of all the couples who have broken up immediately after trying to move a large piece of furniture together.

10. Udderly Adorable Dog Costume, $14.99

Kool Dawg Tees / Via

Chrissy: Is no one worried about the proportions of this cow? Half of his body is a butt.

Kristin: I don't know why this cow inexplicably has two heads but what a beautiful and majestic creature, please immediately put him on a stamp or make him attorney general, whatever.

14. Killer Whale Dog Costume, $28: / Via

Chrissy: God, Willy, we know that you're free now. WE GET IT.

Kristin: OH NO he looks scared of his own costume IT'S OK, PUPPY, YOU ARE THE KILLER WHALE NOW and my own heart will be your steady diet of fish.


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