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    22 Real Questions Twentysomethings Still Ask Their Moms

    “Is this bump normal or should I start planning my funeral?”

    We asked ladies from the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what questions they still ask their mom — you know, as an adult:

    1. "I just ate hummus that expired a month ago. Am I going to die?"

    2. "How do you shorten pants? How do you thread a bobbin? Is this witchcraft?"

    3. "How do I wash my clothes that say 'dry clean only'?"

    4. "Whenever I put anything in the microwave: 'How long do I heat this up for?'"

    5. “WTF is business casual?! Is that like yoga pants and a briefcase?”

    6. "I just tried to plug the dryer in, and I think I electrocuted myself. Am I going to die? Will I be OK? Why do I smell like burnt hair? Do I need to go to the ER?"

    7. "Mom, how do I insurance?"

    8. "I’m in the grocery store — where is the tomato juice? Wait, why is it not with the other tomato products?"

    9. "So, do delicates go on the cold cycle or is that only whites? Do you use bleach only for whites or can it be used for all clothes?"

    10. “What should I make for dinner? I have ____, ____, and ____.”

    11. "Me: Mum, you sure it’s OK to leave the crockpot on even when I leave the house? Mum: Yes! It’ll be fine, the house won’t burn down! Me: But then why will the house burn down if I leave the coffee pot on? Mum: …It just will, OK?!"

    12. “What should I give my elderly neighbor who gave me handmade placemats?”

    13. "How do I boil chicken? You just stick it in the pot? Are you sure? This doesn't seem right. Why is it still pink?"

    Comedy Central

    "Pretty sure I called her 45 times that night." —Clarissa Harris High

    14. "I always ask my mom every month: 'What’s my Social Security number?'"

    15. “Can I put grease down the sink after I’m done?”

    16. "OK, so which lines do I fill out for my tax form? Better yet, how do I file my taxes?"

    17. "Can I use olive oil instead of butter in all recipes?"

    18. "What does '20% coinsurance after deductible is met' mean?!"

    19. “Is this bump normal or should I start planning my funeral?”

    20. “My dog is acting weird. What should I do?”

    21. "Legit how in the actual fucking world did we always somehow have soft butter out of the fridge and not always have it go bad? I don’t get it."

    22. "One time I was getting ready for bed and accidentally took my cat’s medicine instead of my own, so I called my mom to ask if I was going to die."

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