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17 Pictures That Will Make You Say "Me As A Famous Person"

*Eats cheeseburger on red carpet*

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1. When you walk the red carpet:

Getty Images / Via Twitter: @kenride15

2. When you interact with fans:

@samanthagloria_ / Via Twitter: @samanthagloria_

3. When you need to charge your phone:

Getty Images/ / Via Twitter: @AmzGelpz

4. When you try to fit in:

5. When you have a crush:

6. When you have to deal with haters:

@grandechickens / Via Twitter: @grandechickens

7. When you have an existential crisis:

8. When you eat Mexican food:

@emitoms / Via Twitter: @emitoms

9. When you hang out with friends:

10. When you want to watch Game of Thrones:

@cassidysheeran / Via Twitter: @cassidysheeran

11. When you're followed by the paparazzi:

Splash News / Via Twitter: @nadiaaboulhosn

12. When you reply to tweets:

@insangeloushes / Via Twitter: @insangeloushes

13. When you really connect with your co-star:

Getty Images / Via Twitter: @wendy_guajardo1

14. When you go to awards shows:

Clevver TV / Via Twitter: @SlTHANAKIN

15. When someone tries to put you on blast:

@acidhunk / Via Twitter: @acidhunk

16. When you go to premieres:

Getty Images / Via Twitter: @itsninja

17. When you talk about your parents:

iHeartRadio / Via Twitter: @harrys6ix

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