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Can You Make It Through This Makeup Post Without Saying "Y'all Need Jesus"?

All these highlighters are going to hell.

1. Let's start it off easy. How do you feel about this doughnut highlighter?

2. What about this greasy AF burger?

3. Or this slimy pepperoni pizza pie?

4. How do you feel about Pikachu being smeared all over your face?

5. ...Or Prince? (RIP, bb.)

6. What about some weed-themed sheen?

7. OK, how about a lil' butt cheek highlight?

8. Or a pair of shiny ta-tas to smother all over your face?

9. What about some straight-up sparkly vagina?

10. Maybe you're more in the mood for some rainbow-tinted ween sheen?

11. And if that's not enough, a straight-up boner might do the trick?

  1. So, do y'all think we need Jesus?

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So, do y'all think we need Jesus?
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    Yes, like, immediately.
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    Nah, you're fine.
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    How did I get here what is happening