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16 Reasons Why Plus-Size Women In Sheer Clothing Is Not A Good Look

"They shouldn't draw attention to themselves," said the worst human alive.

1. "They should just cover themselves up — even in the summer."

@nadiaaboulhosn / Via

Sounds v practical!

2. "No one wants to see a plus-size woman's body."

@theashleygraham / Via

Um, we plebs are lucky to see Ashley Graham's bod on the daily, thank you very much.

3. "They probably don't even make sheer clothing in their size."

@gabifresh / Via

Oh, how deeply wrong you are.

4. "They shouldn't draw attention to themselves."

@jibrionline / Via

We all have the right to do whatever the fuck we want.

5. "It's just inappropriate to wear that in public."

@kellyaugustineb / Via

*eye roll*

6. "I wish they'd just be more fit before showing off their bodies."

@nadiaaboulhosn / Via

Your current body is an amazing body.

7. "Guys don't find that look attractive."

@felicityhaywardcurvemodel / Via

Hot tip: Women dress for themselves.

8. "It's just not flattering."

@calliethorpe / Via

Quite the opposite, actually.

9. "Sheer clothing just doesn't look good on their body type."

@thecurvyfashionista / Via

*stares at image above* We done here? Good.

10. "Do they really think this looks good?"

@everythingcurvyandchic / Via

YEP. 'Cause it does.

11. "It's so brave of plus-size women to show off their bodies like that."

@mariedenee / Via

It's not brave, it's just living.

12. "I just don't want to look at plus-size women."

@nicolettemason / Via

You can leave, then.

13. "Can't they find something else to wear?"

@calliethorpe / Via

Why should they?

14. "You can't wear sheer clothing and be taken seriously."

@gabifresh / Via

You're obviously mistaken.

15. "It's not sexy, it's just gross."

@popupplusny / Via

I can find plentyyyy of people who think otherwise.

16. "Why would a plus-size woman want to wear sheer clothing anyway?"

@tessholliday / Via

Because she looks damn good in it, that's why.