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16 Reasons Why Plus-Size Women In Sheer Clothing Is Not A Good Look

"They shouldn't draw attention to themselves," said the worst human alive.

1. "They should just cover themselves up — even in the summer."

2. "No one wants to see a plus-size woman's body."

3. "They probably don't even make sheer clothing in their size."

4. "They shouldn't draw attention to themselves."

5. "It's just inappropriate to wear that in public."

6. "I wish they'd just be more fit before showing off their bodies."

7. "Guys don't find that look attractive."

8. "It's just not flattering."

9. "Sheer clothing just doesn't look good on their body type."

10. "Do they really think this looks good?"

11. "It's so brave of plus-size women to show off their bodies like that."

12. "I just don't want to look at plus-size women."

13. "Can't they find something else to wear?"

14. "You can't wear sheer clothing and be taken seriously."

15. "It's not sexy, it's just gross."

16. "Why would a plus-size woman want to wear sheer clothing anyway?"