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We Tried The New Mac N' Cheetos From Burger King So You Don't Have To

*kisses fingertips*

Just yesterday, Burger King announced its latest food creation: limited-edition Mac n' Cheetos, aka mac 'n' cheese deep-fried in an orange Cheetos crust.

Even though these don't technically hit most Burger King locations until Monday, June 27, we went on a V IMPT Mac N' Cheetos hunt in SoCal to see if we could try to find 'em. After being denied at one location (rude), this bright yellow-and-orange sign was a goddamn beacon of light.

We immediately ordered two boxes (which cost $2.49 for a pack of five), and we teared up at the beautiful-ass packaging.

Before we tried them, we reveled in their immaculate orange beauty.

Lara tasted 'em first and thought they were way better than she could have ever imagined, and she didn't even care that they burned the shit out of her tongue.

TBH, she would burn her tongue again for them anytime.

Chrissy couldn't believe how perfectly crunchy the Cheetos crust was, paired with creamy AF (sorry) mac 'n' cheese inside.

Watch yo' back, Kraft.

Even though the mac 'n' cheese was cooked to perfection, we felt like they could have REALLY amped up the cheesy Cheetos dust on the outside.

Basically, it tastes like a mac 'n' cheese ball with a hint of a cheesy kick on its super-crunchy, mozzarella stick–style crust.

Overall, we definitely think it's worth a try if you're junk-food freaks like us, but just make sure to be near a toilet an hour or so later. :)