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    23 Words You'll Only Ever Hear Geordies Say

    Fancy grabbing some bait?

    1. "Ganzy"

    Mr.TinDC / Via

    What it means: A warm jumper or cardigan.

    How to use it: "It’s a bit cold – can you grab my ganzy while you’re up?"

    2. "Bait"

    Michael Stern / Via

    What it means: Food.

    How to use it: "I’m starving: fancy grabbing some bait, perhaps a cheeky Nando's?"

    3. "Nee bosh"

    hapal / Via

    What it means: No bother.

    How to use it: “Thanks for doing that favour for me.” "Nee bosh, any time."

    4. "Bairn"

    Christina Rutz / Via

    What it means: Child.

    How to use it: "Do you want to go out this weekend? I can look after the bairn."

    5. "Clarty"

    Leszek Leszczynski / Via

    What it means: Muddy.

    How to use it: "If you're going to Leeds, pack your wellies - it gets a bit clarty."

    6. "Cald"

    Olivier Noirhomme / Via

    What it means: Cold.

    How to use it: "Wrap up warm, it's a bit cald out there."

    7. "Snout"

    Fried Dough / Via

    What it means: Cigarette.

    How to use it: "I'm craving a smoke: Can I borrow a snout?"

    8. "Fettle"

    di bo di / Via

    What it means: Condition.

    How to use it: "I went to the doctors, got the all clear and I'm feeling in fine fettle!"

    9. "Dunch"

    WorldSeriesBoxing / Via

    What it means: To hit.

    How to use it: "You wouldn't believe what we saw last night: There was a fight, and then one guy dunched his mate."

    10. "Scran"

    Michael Stern / Via

    What it means: Food.

    How to use it: "How long are you going to be? I want some scran."

    11. "Hadaway"

    Donnie Ray Jones / Via

    What it means: Woah there.

    How to use it: "Hadaway man, you expect me to pay £20 for a DVD?"

    12. "Hoy"

    Seth Lemmons / Via

    What it means: To throw.

    How to use it: "My breath stinks - hoy us over some mints, will you?"

    13. "Sneck"

    Jo Naylor / Via

    What it means: The small bar on a gate with which the gate is closed.

    How to use it: "I'm coming back late tonight so don't put the sneck on the door."

    14. "Hyem"

    Randen Pedersen / Via

    What it means: Home.

    How to use it: "I'm tired and I wanna gan hyem."

    15. "Kidda"

    Erik Cleves Kristensen / Via

    What it means: Friend.

    How to use it: "Alright kidda, long time no see!"

    16. "Lonnen"

    Cameron MacKnight / Via

    What it means: Street or lane.

    How to use it: "Do you want to drive to Two Ball Lonnen or get the bus?"

    17. "Netty"

    dirtyboxface / Via

    What it means: Toilet.

    How to use it: "Do you mind if I use your netty?"

    18. "Spelk"

    Quinn Dombrowski / Via

    What it means: A splinter of wood.

    How to use it: "I was putting together a Billy bookshelf and I got a nasty spelk."

    19. "Hunkers"

    Bruce McKay / Via

    What it means: Haunches.

    How to use it: "I lost something under the bed and had to get down on my hunkers to find it."

    20. "Ket"

    sean_hickin / Via

    What it means: Snacks or sweets.

    How to use it: "Shall we go to the corner shop and get some ket for the cinema?"

    21. "Whisht"

    Paul Mison / Via

    What it means: Be quiet.

    How to use it: "Whisht man, do you want to pipe down? This is a library."

    22. "Fasht"

    Craig Sunter / Via

    What it means: Troubled.

    How to use it: "Things have been better, I'm a little fasht at work."

    23. "Gadgie"

    Couchabenteurer / Via

    What it means: Old man.

    How to use it: "Did you see the old gadgie drinking the others under the table last night? Impressive."

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