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    43 Reasons To Avoid Newcastle

    It's just too ugly.

    1. There are too many butt-ugly bridges.

    Mick C / Via

    2. See?

    Akuppa John Wigham / Via

    3. Bloody everywhere.

    Phil Thirckell / Via

    4. We've got the same problem with old buildings.

    Horla Varlan / Via

    5. You can't move for them.

    Reading Tom / Via

    6. There's so much wasted space in the city.

    dun_deagh / Via

    7. And what space we have we fill full of ugly churches.

    Archangel12 / Via

    8. We forget the past.

    dun_deagh / Via

    9. And aren't building for the future.

    frenchdave / Via

    10. We're so insular and inward-looking.

    11. We hate multiculturalism.

    m4nch3go / Via

    12. Hate it.

    Chris Stokel-Walker / BuzzFeed

    13. We're always fighting, and never at peace.

    Akuppa John Wigham / Via

    14. We're unwelcoming -- we're famous for it.

    Pig Sty Avenue / Via

    15. We don't care about others.

    Steve Bowbrick / Via

    16. As for culture...well, who needs it?

    Jake Cook / Via

    17. We're uneducated. Shakespeare? Who needs him?

    Paul Barlow / Via

    18. We've got no art.

    Leo Reynolds / Via

    19. None whatsoever.

    Peter Reed / Via

    20. And our food is so dull.

    Pim Stouten / Via

    21. Our tastebuds are never challenged.

    Anna Hedworth/Cookhouse

    22. We have nothing interesting or tasty.

    Phil Thirkell / Via

    23. Just boring food on boring plates.

    Sarah Davison / Via

    24. Even our street names are boring.

    Ian Campbell / Via

    25. We lack passion.

    Steven Correy / Via

    26. And we're so anti-social.

    Phil Thirkell / Via

    27. We're too straight-laced.

    Paul Robertson / Via

    28. And we have no fun.

    Stephen Douglas / Via

    29. It's always cold.

    Patana Rattananavathong / Via

    30. So, so cold.

    Tom Ellefsen / Via

    31. And the city is so built-up you can't escape to see any nature.

    Jesmond Dene / BuzzFeed

    32. There's nowhere to sit down.

    Katherine / Via

    33. Nowhere quiet and tranquil.

    Anna Hedworth/Cookhouse

    34. It's a concrete jungle.

    Elena Veguillas / Via

    35. And there's no way out.

    Phil Thirkell / Via

    36. There are no fun events.

    Steve Drew/PA Archive/Press Association Images

    37. We're too proud of our drinking culture.

    Iain Farrell / Via

    38. And not proud enough of our coffee culture.

    Roanish / Via

    39. So Newcastle, eh?

    Francisco Antunes / Via

    40. Nothing happens.

    Katherine / Via

    41. Nobody comes.

    James West / Via

    42. Nobody goes.

    Paul Smith / Via

    43. It's awful. Please, please never go.

    blackham / Via

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