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    14 Alternative Things To Do In Newcastle

    You can only do so many bar crawls. Get some culture into your life, and step off the tourist trail in Tyne & Wear.

    1. Eat some of the tastiest street food going.

    2. Get cultured with public lectures by Newcastle University.

    3. Uncover Hidden Newcastle on your smartphone.

    4. Put some wildlife into your wild life.

    5. Or pet a pig or goat in tranquil surroundings.

    6. Run away with the circus.

    7. Watch free films.

    8. Or pay to watch foreign films and silent classics.

    9. Take in the area's history on guided walks.

    10. Solve puzzles and cement friendships.

    11. Learn how to dance at Dance City.

    12. Paint pretty pictures.

    13. Bake bread with strangers.

    14. Read a book.

    What have we missed? Let us know in the comments below.